Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Helping Mussolini Mikey Briggs out.

Continuing to his refusal to discuss the issues important to THIS district, I was not terribly surprised to read this on his campaign facebook page... the one where he's refused to answer any questions from anyone on concerning those issues (Just like every other challenge candidate, come to think of it.)

Let me answer those questions for ya, Mikey.  I mean, since you, apparently, don't know.

You're running because you're a petulant jerk.

You're running because you have an ego the size of Pittsburgh.

You're running because you got your personal ass kicked on the CRC Scam that you threw everything you had at to get passed.

You're running because like the left of the fringe-left nutters, you despise Republicans and loath those smart enough to disagree with your socialist meme.

You're running because you're a joke... a joke who those representing this district consistently ignored because you represented nothing and no one... so ignoring your bizarre positions was the easiest political decision ever made and you hate them for it.

What do you stand for?

You stand for every socialist tenet known to man.

You stand for the Moeller-like arrogance of stupidly believing yourself to be the smartest guy in the room where, instead, you don't even know where the room is actually located.

You stand for the Steve "I never speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart school of governing.

You stand for lying.  You would no more "represent everyone" than you can levitate.

You stand for ignoring those you would govern who disagree with your positions and philosophies.

You stand for silence and a total lack of transparency.

You stand for fear and political cowardice.

These, of course, are just the highlights of your questions: feel free to ask me anything else that comes to mind.

Unlike you and your cowardice, I'll cheerfully answer any of your questions.

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