Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bully gets sent a message by Speaker Chopp.

Like everyone else who both understands reality AND local politics, the democrats have acknowledged that neither of the M&M Twins, Mikey OR Maureen, stands a chance of winning in the 18th... not only this cycle, but perhaps forever.

That point was reinforced to Maureen over the past couple of days.

Mikey, who may have had a least a spark of hope that he might be able to do something in this election, given the kneepads he wore out that got him the WEA endorsement he's so proud of, must have felt the bottom of his political world drop out.

So, imagine how steamed Maureen got over this campaign kickoff thing?

Mikey's had a bad time with his campaign kick-off:  As I laid it out here once before, Mikey had set up a kick-off and NO ONE WANTED TO GO.

Originally, the date Maureen apparently had wanted was May 20.  And that's when she found out where she was on the democrat campaign food chain.

Here, let me allow the Twins to tell it in their own words:
An interesting change of events- I just read this announcement from Maureen Winningham as it came across Facebook.

"Hi all. In order to accommodate the Kick Off of my colleague, Re-Elect Monica Stonier, we are moving my Kick Off to May 12th, Monday. Same time, same restaurant. Monica worked to get Frank Chop to speak at her event and her race is a tough one. So we are all working together to move... things. Thanks to Mike Briggs for graciously understanding - his Kick Off is the Day after mine. I hope this does not cause any inconvenience for the folks in LD18! Please accept my apologies as it is Campaign Season and we all try to to[sic] together as good Democrats to help each other out.

This was the first time I have heard of this time conflict. I have offered to allow Maureen to share my previously scheduled and published kickoff date of May 13- but have heard nothing back as of yet.

I am still looking to have my kickoff on, Tuesday, May 13. I will be confirming the destination but it will be in the Camas - Washougal area and in the early evening hours. I look forward to seeing many of my friends and supporters at this important event
Maureen, who's jimmies are getting rustled because each day, it seems she's NOT going to get the WEA endorsement Musso picked up so easily AND she's starting to realize the impacts of being the bully in the race, MUST understand what getting kicked to the curb like this means:  the message is clear.

To the Speaker, you're not even a statistic.

Precisely the same way the rest of us see you.

Of course, Rep. Stonier is no more Winningham's "colleague" than Bully is "normal."  In politics, there are two kinds of people: those who WANT to be elected and those who ARE elected.  And because Bully will NEVER be elected, it's rather presumptuous, not to mention inaccurate, to refer to Rep. Stonier as a "colleague."  But clearly, Bully's ego knows no bounds.

That said, even Bully must know the symbolism: the Speaker of the House will show up for Stonier's kickoff, and as a result, Winningham MUST move hers.

Hey, Mikey... here's an idea: why not offer her the failed date of April 8?  It's still available after HE screwed it up... and she might just take it!

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