Tuesday, April 01, 2014

False claims on Obamacare sign-ups don't inspire confidence in either Obama or his "care."

Months have gone by, and they still can't even get their fricking web site to work.

When the tombstone goes up on the Obama Presidency, there will be several descriptive terms that this two-term disaster will illustrate.

But at the top of the list is "incompetence."
H/T The Heritage Foundation
Incompetence in foreign policy.  Incompetence in domestic policy.  Incompetence in economic policy.  Incompetence in... health care.

One hundred years from now, when the people shun celebrating that this moron ever even existed... a huge part of that will be the damage he's caused this Nation... bot at home, and around the world.

Blood has been spilled because of his stupidity and his "flexibility."  Much more blood will need to be spilled because of his stupidity, cowardice and indecision.  
And that's a shame.  But, what the hell:  don't blame me... I never voted for him.

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