Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When the legislature gets stupid.

Word just hit that Senate democrats demanded that their per diem be jacked up.  And along with that word, came the equally disturbing word that Republican State Senator Don Benton (R-17) Committee Chair, broke the tie and voted WITH the democrats to enrich himself even further at taxpayer expense.

Here's the thing: viewing this from the legislative assistant perspective, I've never understood why those who have to uproot from their homes to come to Olympia for session should get paid any less than a Senator, who presumably has the same requirements for a place to stay in the capital during session:  a roof over their heads and food to eat.

Likewise, I don't understand why either Senators OR Legislative Assistants who live/work in the Olympia area should get a nickel in per diem.

I have got to wonder: why should senators who get paid about the same as a legislative assistant, get 3 times as much for living expenses, since those expense requirements are roughly the same?

That said, speaking on behalf of the LA's, I'm sure they're grateful for the extra ten dollars a day... bumping them up to a whole forty... as compared to the now $120 per day a Senator gets.

But for the democrats to demand more money for their living allowance when they DON'T NEED IT (and clearly, since LA's live on 1/3rd of what Senators get, they DON'T need it...) and when so many others go unfunded or get cut, I've got to wonder: have they lost their fricking minds?

On one point, I can certainly agree with one of the mo' money democrats:
(Sen. Karen) Fraser said that she has talked to lawmakers who have faced financial problems during session and that the Senate should be at the same level as the House.
She's absolutely right.  And the House should have REDUCED the amount they're stealing from us back to the Senate level... not the other way around.

And why did Benton go along with this?  It's not as if he needed the money.

The legislative housing allowance should be rolled back for both Houses.  These people have lost their minds, and they can always exercise the right to resign or make the decision not to run for re-election if it's too much of a sacrifice: because for those clowns who voted for this?

If you don't like the pay, benefits or allowances, regardless of party, you can always resign.

I expect every Republican elected from Clark County to turn this money down.

Anything less... would be uncivilized.

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