That's one interestign[sic] question, Lou. Consider this one, thinking not about "aho" [sic] but "when". If Steve Stuart doesn't vacate the office until April 11th, commissioners will have until June 10th to make an appointment. If they delay it until then (and why wouldn't they?), filing week is the second week in May and the filing fee is $1,062. Any candidate wanting to run in November will have to pay that (or play the long-shot write-in effort), not knowing if they'll even be running. Further, if all three who are at least on the D's list file and pay the fee, will they be able to withdraw in time to get their names off the ballot if they're not appointed? (I've asked Greg Kimsey about that one.) From a purely disinterested party ;-), the opportunities to "play" this appointment are pretty interesting.