Monday, March 03, 2014

Public's supposedly opposed to the oil terminal? So what: build it anyway.

The left is whining like cut cats over the issue of increased coal shipments and the prospective location of the oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

So what?  Build it anyway.

Odd, isn't it?  The corrupt left demands the ability to jam the CRC Scam with its hated light rail down our throats as a community.  Decades of ever-increasing tolls for a massive, $10 billion waste of money that will accomplish nothing, save for the rape of our county with light rail.

So, the letters and so forth are "overwhelming" in their opposition.  The rag points out that many of the letters being form letters in support.... and, of course, none of the letters in opposition are
"form letters" (To hear the democratian, who opposes the oil terminal) and ALL of them are from within the confines of the Port District (The only ones that matter) so this "news" just becomes standard, anti-energy propaganda.

But, who cares?

See, the vote against the CRC Scam last November was overwhelming in its opposition.  The CRC Scammers reply that the vote was representative of only the around 30% of the turn out, and we should then flatly ignore it.


Even presuming the "31,000" comments in opposition were all from Clark County, that represents far less than 30% of the electorate of this county and leftist should pay as much attention to that number as they did to the numbers last November on the CRC Scam.  Right?

They're not a bunch of hypocrites.... are they?

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