Monday, March 03, 2014

Jayne: go back to sports.

It's one thing to be a leftist on an editorial page: there's been little else at the democratian since I moved here almost 3 decades ago.  But this?
A stark reminder of the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., was delivered last week in the form of a tax reform proposal from Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. It's not that Camp's proposal is dysfunctional — it's just that there is plenty for both parties to like, and yet the plan has no chance of passage.
Why, even before Camp released his proposal, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said of tax reform: "I think we will not be able to finish the job, regretfully. I don't see how we can." Simple: Consider it, discuss it, debate it, tweak it and pass it. It called legislating, which seems to be a long-lost skill in the nation's capital. Camp's plan should kick off a much-needed debate about tax reform; instead, it has opened an overly rehashed opportunity for criticism and shopworn rhetoric.
As much as I appreciate Greg's rhetoric, the fact that he only quotes the GOP in the Senate... the minority party.... shows he fails to understand who, exactly, controls the legislative agenda in the Senate... and it ain't Mitch McConnell... it's democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid.

So why isn't he hammering Reid over this and the other stupidity of their partisan failure to "Consider it, discuss it, debate it, tweak it and pass it?"

I did mention Reid is a democrat, didn't I?

Yeah, he goes on  to quote some of Peppermint Patty Murray's idiocy: but then, Progressive Magazine didn't declare her the 4th dumbest member of Congress.... out of 535... for nothing.

The responsibility for this garbage stops at the very top.  But I missed the use of the "O" word in Greg's rant.  This paralysis at the congressional level starts at the very top.  And while I certainly don't give the GOP a pass on any of this, given their abysmal record of being Obama's bitch on many occasions, the fact is that the ONLY reason House legislation isn't considered in the Senate is spelled Harry Reid.

Gotta wonder: when is the Lazy C going to demand Obama's resignation... or Reid's... or that of the state cow, Patty Murray?

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