Sunday, February 02, 2014

Why the M&M Twins will lose in the 18th.

So, the left are serving up their next victims in the 18th District elections upcoming.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, a fringe-left neo-communist CRC Scammer joins with Maureen "Obama" Willingham as the two speed bumps that will be flattened next November.

They have zero chance.  At some level, they likely know that.

The reasons they will both lose are the same for each of them:

1.  They're democrats.  Not only are they democrats, they're of the downtown mafia/uber fringe-left/Molehill Moeller variety democrats.  Joe Biden couldn't win in the 18th.

2.  They're both CRC Scammers.  That means they want to yoke the thousands of commuters who live in the 18th with $2000+ of ever-increasing tolls for the next 45 years.  That means they don't care how much damage that will do to the families who have to commute, or the local businesses that will depend on that disposable income for their survival.

3.  They both don't care that every single precinct in the 18th District voted against loot rail.

4.  They both believe that those actually elected to the office should ignore those who elected them and do what the losing minority wants.

Briggs rather stupidly uses code speak for that kind of garbage; a mishmash of meaningless gobbledygook:
"I really think that we need better representation here in the 18th District," Briggs said.  "I don't believe we're getting a balanced representation."
He can't explain remotely what that kind of garbage means, but because those in the 18th who the people elected have ignored his leftist temper-tantrums, he plays the victim and demands "balanced representation."

I look forward to watching him squirm while he tries to explain it.

Winningham's trouble is that she's pegged herself as a WEA lackey.
Said Winningham: "Our public teachers deserve our respect and our support."
She's babbling this nonsense in the hope of gaining big dollars from the WEA scum and teachers themselves.

The problem is just the reverse:  Before teachers get "our respect and support”, they have to earn it.

And given the typically abysmal product they turn out, they rate neither.

Either way, neither of them offers any vision, any solutions, any anything that isn't directly bullet pointed out of the democrat playbook.

Given the damage the democrats have created... the damage their president has and is causing... the cluelessness of democrat candidates...  both of the seats in the 18th will be as Republican when this is over as they are now, and both of these clowns will go down to ignominious defeat. 

These issues don't even begin to touch Mussolini Mikey's arrogance, narcissism and ignorance.  These are well-known aspects of Mussolini's and there's nothing he can do to address that issue, since it's infected him at the cellular level.

Nobody knows who Willingham is, but her self-condemnation by bulldogging textbook, far-left themes condemns her as a has-been who never will be in this district.  It's the pattern the downtown democrats always follow... and as a result... always lose.

Hopefully, soon, another actual Republican will emerge to take on Brandon Vick.  That would mean that we'd have three, genuine, hard-working conservatives holding office in the 18th.

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Lew Waters said...

Oddly enough, comments being left on the Lazy C's 'dungeon,' the Forum aren't too flattering towards Briggs either.

And, that place is predominantly Liberal.

Yes, Briggs is a legend in his own mind.