Sunday, February 23, 2014

When Mussolini Mikey lies.

It's tough to be a candidate.  It's even tougher when, deep down inside, you know you have precisely zero chance of winning.

When you're a fringe left nutter running for office in the 18th, you have as much chance of winning as, say, Carolyn Crain in the 49th: None.

And I get that Mikey knows that this time next year, he'll still be a retired, beer-drinking political wannabe.

But when he babbles something like this in the face of his verifiable history to the contrary, it's difficult to conclude anything other than the fact that Mike Briggs is a liar.
  • Mike Briggs for State Rep Mr. Doe, I hear your frustration. And I can sympathize with you. However, here in Washington State we no longer have any real power to do anything with the Columbia bridge project as our Senate has walked away from the negotiation table with the Federal Government and the state of Oregon. I am not in favor with this kind of non-action. My only "personal agenda" is for all the people of my legislative district. Thank you so much for the attention you have paid my post.
With a history of whining, bitching and moaning against the overriding position of the electorate of the 18th against his cherished CRC Scam during the entirety of his existence in our community... as unfortunate as that time has been... the fact is that here, he is not only lying... but obviously doing so.

Were he somehow to be elected, there is no way... NO WAY... he would oppose the CRC Scam or anything related to it, any more than fellow neo-Communist Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

Now, I get the WHY of his lies.  He knows that politically, he'd be a corpse in a ditch right now... even more so than he already is... if he were to come out and tell the truth about his screw-the-constituency, pro-CRC Scammer view... he'd be even deader politically than he already is.

But then, that's why I'm here.

When the M&M Twins lie... and lie they will... I am going to be here to bust them.

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