Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thoughts on Kiev.

The live-streaming from Kiev is riveting.  Can't understand a word of it... but the language of freedom shines through in all languages... even without the words.

Contrary to the lowlifes in the so-called occupy movement, that video truly is what "democracy looks like."

The better part of 100 have given their all for freedom.  Thousands more have spilled their blood for freedom.  That number is likely to increase geometrically if the Russians get involved.

Unlike our country, where we take freedom for granted every day of our lives (since so few have ever had to defend it) the spirit of freedom inculcates these people at the cellular level.

Here, we trade our freedom for "stuff."  We elect liars sometimes, and fail to hold them accountable most all of the time.  We blindly follow labels simply because they have the right letter after a name.  We refuse to vote for someone because they have the wrong letter, thinking that the letter actually determines the integrity and vision of the candidate.

We settle for the scraps off the government table as they become more and more like Putin, and less and less like Reagan... or Truman... or even Kennedy, for that matter.

The light of freedom is burning brightly in Kiev... but sadly, getting dimmer by the moment here in what is supposed to be the bright, shining city on the hill.

I weep for us.  And my heart swells with pride for a people willing to risk everything for what we take for granted every waking moment of our lives.

I wish them success in their mission.

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