Friday, February 14, 2014

Vick and Pike take surprise vote attacking parental rights.

(NOTE: Rep. Pike has responded to this post here: )

I was stunned, to put it mildly, when I discovered that my two state House representatives took a vote further eroding parental rights.

The issue?  Another democrat homosexual mainstreaming bill.  And the GOP in the House in our state generally and my two state representatives in particular failed us as much as the Boehner failed us on the debt ceiling vote.

That Brandon Vick voted for this doesn't is, in hindsight, par for his particular course.  I can't recall a high profile issue that Vick has come out swinging for or against (Where's he been on the CRC Scam, for example?) so in retrospect, strike my surprise that Vick would vote for this nonsense.

But Liz Pike?

I expected better of you.

Here's the thing: unless those of you in the House also pass a bill relieving parents of any parental responsibility for parenting.... that is, eliminate any right for the state to hold parents criminally or civilly liable for their acts of our children... then you have no right to reduce our AUTHORITY as parents.

As it is, our government looks at us as parents and puts complete liability on us for, among other things, anything our children below the age of 18 actually do.  The obvious example is the fallout of our minor children undergoing an abortion.

If something... anything... goes wrong?  Be it psychological or medical?  An infection, for example, or bleeding or some other possible outcome... is the provider responsible for that... when in many instances the parents aren't even aware that the procedure took place?

No.  Hell no.  The provider is not held responsible: the parents are.  It's their insurance (if they still HAVE insurance after the idiocy of Obamacare) that gets popped for the after care if needed.

Some states don't even allow a teen girl to get a TAN any more in a tanning salon... but an abortion?

Step right up.

And folks this doesn't even go to the issue of abortion being "right" OR "wrong."  It's the idea that we, as a state, require parental approval to get ears pierced... but not to undergo this particular surgical procedure, because, well, after all, our state and our child... who isn't allowed to vote, own property or enter into contracts because of their age, is allowed to be "fully informed" and then provide "consent" to undergo this operation.

If a health care provider a parent knows of is offering this therapy as a course of changing behavior and that parent decides that their child should undergo that therapy.... that is none of the state's business.

Considering Rep. DeBolt in entirety, he is the last person I need to preach about morality.

At the end of the day, this bill is just another erosion of the series of erosions about the rights of parents.  While it might make Molehill Moeller's ilk giddy, it casts a darker shadow over what parents can or cannot do while failing to relieve us of one iota of parental responsibility.

This is not the first such effort.  Have you, for example, read anything on the stories of schools throwing away food that kids bring to school in their lunches as yet another absurd example of government overreach?

Nor is it the last government intrusion into how parents raise their children in this state, and I cannot adequately express my disappointment on this assault on yet another area of parental rights, authority and responsibility.

I expect better from my representatives.

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