Friday, February 14, 2014

Jayne dives full on into the moron zone: "Easing Access to College."

Starting with a fallacious premise ("With the Great Recession helping to create a spike in tuition rates" without providing proof of the cause and effect) to start with, it's hard to take anything after that seriously.

Our state reserves slots in colleges for foreign and out of state students.  We give in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  The schools, typically sitting on billions in funds One of my alma maters, the UW, just finished wasting a quarter billion dollars on an unneeded stadium rebuild, for example) are jammed to the rafters as it is.

Yes, getting a degree is a wonderful thing.  Both of my kids are past their second year in college and I fully expect them to get a degree.

Setting up Greg's argument by wasting space telling us it's better to have a degree than the alternative was a waste of ink.

Neglecting to mention that many high-paying blue-collar jobs go begging because of a lack of unqualified applicants for these technical positions is the kind of criminal oversight the rag is known for.  Inconvenient facts are rarely allowed to interfere with previously achieved conclusions in their world.

The first goal (All adults in Washington having a high school diploma) is pure fantasy, given the abysmal efforts of teachers in this state.

The second goal, of 70% of adults have some sort of post-secondary credential is equally a fantasy based on the first fantasy.

So, the first thing missing here are realistic goals.  Neither of these... are that.

As a high school drop out (Dropped out as a Senior to enlist) who is a college graduate (BA Government/Political Science in 82) I can fully appreciate every element of these concerns, along with the drama of two children in school.

But the fact is that I am living proof that if you want to get into and stay into school badly enough, you can find a way.

If you don't... you won't.

And no fantasy editorial can change that.

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