Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The idiocy of the Boehner sell out.

Listening to the talking heads this morning, some are babbling about how the GOP, who fiscally raped our children for several generations yesterday in the US House, actually "won" yesterday.


No election is worth trillions in additional debt.  Going along with the democrats has NEVER shown itself to be a particularly successful strategy.  Selling out principles that will and are harming this country only to get elected?

Some might call that treason.

If, as the Moron-in-Chief told us during his first campaign, the deficit is "unpatriotic," then what do we call his efforts (Along with GOP acquiescence, of course) that have added what, an additional $8 trillion in debt to that same deficit?

The idea that this is some sort of election strategy makes as much difference to the country as arguing over the china patterns in 2nd class on the Titanic after that bump up against an iceberg 100 years or so ago. We are going to add additional trillions to the debt, and the GOP will have helped in that... again... which begs the question: even if this so-called "strategy" is successful... how does caving on this issue and violating our trust to disabled veterans move the ball forward?  How does it cut that debt and begin the painful process of repaying it?

It doesn't.

This reminds me of that MAC-V briefer:
'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it', a United States major said today. He was talking about the decision by allied commanders to bomb and shell the town regardless of civilian casualties, to rout the Vietcong.[3]
So, the GOP has decided to destroy the US to save it... all in the name of elections.

Which brings up another issue: what difference does it make if we elect a RINO or a democrat?

We are long since past the time when the GOP SHOULD have fought it out to cut spending.

We are long since past the time when the GOP SHOULD have put their fear concerning reelection aside and done what was best for the country.

Fighting it out over Obamacare wouldn't have disappeared as an option merely because Boehner decided to plant the GOP flag on principle concerning this issue.

But he didn't.  Because the GOP are cowards... which is why I again guarantee that they will not run the table and take the Senate.

In this instance, the GOP handed unlimited amounts of drugs to a junkie on the off chance that somehow, that junkie will not only sober up, but also pay back the money stolen from the taxpayers for their habit.

And how likely is that to happen?

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