Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not surprising, but disappointing: Harris accepts huge per diem increase.

You know, I expected that democrats would accept the massive increase in per diem given to legislators: their allowance was bumped up a paltry $900 tax free dollars per month, retroactively, that they didn't need.

The size of the increase was purely arbitrary: a 33% increase is not justifiable OR "realistic"... period.

As a former legislative assistant who had to maintain two places to live, one here and one in Olympia, and who, for the first 5 years I did that gig, received absolutely nothing to offset expenses and then who received something like $35 per day during the last year (2000) I was there... all while legislators received that $90 per day, I am well aware of the costs incurred by serving a constituency.

I'm not happy that Rep. Paul Harris (R-17) feels that the increase is OK... and then goes on to complain about the "transparency" of the issue... and that transparency notwithstanding, it was "transparent" enough for him to accept the increase.

Harris, who has the 3rd highest union rating, lifetime, of any GOPer in the legislature at 40% (According to PVS) should be thinking about who's providing that money... since he obviously doesn't need it.

Our local neo-communist, Jim "Hussein" Moeller, is licking his chops as he gets to screw the taxpayers out of additional thousands in this allowance to supplement his regular work pay.

The GOPers should refuse the increase en masse to help embarrass their democrat colleagues much like Moeller was embarrassed into giving up 3% of his pay (Gotta wonder... is he still doing that?  Or was it more a matter of being embarrassed enough to do something until the light moved on?) in time for the upcoming election.

Anyone refusing this increase will be a hero.  Anyone accepting it?

Well, it's pissing me off... I can imagine it will piss others off as well... esecially in the face of the complete lack of justification for it.

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