Saturday, February 08, 2014

Scumbag Paul Montague slithers out from under his rock.

Few organizations damage themselves more than Identity Vancouver by allowing a genuine scumwad like Paul Montague to run it.

It has been awhile since he'd climbed from the filth that he revels in to make his presence known.

Rumor has been running rife that his massive failure to shove this through, part and parcel to his approach of arrogance and lies, as illustrated by this garbage from his facebook page, had him on the ropes.

Montague is part and parcel of the failure of this effort.  He lies (above) by repeating the false claim that  it will be 10 to 20 years before this region sees..." blah, blah, blah.  How many times had he and the rest of the CRC Scammers lied to us about the various cutoffs that were guaranteed to delay the bridge at least 10 years in the past?

And, of course, we all know that loot rail is the problem here, and the only reason slimeballs like Montague are bleating about the bridge in the first place.

Instead of demanding accountability on the part of those who would screw us... instead of taking a clue from those who would put the will of the people first, this scumwad has to lie, attack, insult and ignore the truth in pursuit of his single-minded drive to screw an entire county for the next 4 plus decades.

Instead of working towards a solution to the loot rail scam (namely, stripping it off) he insists on beating on those who are doing the most to make sure that the will of the people of this county reins supreme over his fantasy.

I get that Montague is terrified.  It's likely that he's made promises he can't keep, and after the Ballpark Scam debacle, he'll look even more worthless when the idiocy of Identity Vancouver is, well, dropped into the river.

Identity Vancouver would be best served by getting rid of this moron.  Otherwise, making any headway with their legislative agenda in Olympia would be futile at best.

In fact, as long as he's running the joint for IV or any other organization that needs legislative help, I can pretty much guarantee that failure will be the likely outcome. 

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