Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ever wonder why democrats running for office won't talk about their positions?

In the upper right corner of this blog is a counter that tells anyone looking how long it's been since I asked democrat congressional candidate Bob Dingethal what he was planning on doing to kill both the CRC Scam and Obamacare.

Two months.

No answer.

Have you ever noticed how democrats don't want to talk about the issues when they know damned well the issues are against them... that because they're wrong on the issues that matter, they're afraid to even talk about them... afraid to say the wrong thing?

It's GOT to be tough for them.  I get it.  It's a huge problem when you're incapable of saying the RIGHT thing... not because of the "right" side of the political spectrum, but because they're extremely limited as to what they can say.

For example, what would happen to Dingethal's campaign if he were to condemn the CRC project?

How quickly would the democrats drop him like a bad habit?

So, Bob finds himself caught directly in the middle, between the demands of his leftist party and the demands of the people he would dare to try and represent..  He must meet the expectations of those who own him like the 13th Amendment was never passed... even if meeting those expectations cost him the election... and let's face it: support of the CRC Scam and Obamacare?

That means he's DOA politically.

He knows that.  And that is why, after two months, he continues to refuse to respond because he knows that he's screwed either way:  Oppose his owners and he's politically dead.  Oppose the voters and he's politically dead.

The common thread?

He's politically dead.

I will continue to ask Bob where he's at on these pivotal issues.  He will continue to ignore me as long as he can.

But at some point, he is going to respond... if not to me, to someone else... the newspaper... radio... what have you.

But he is insane if he believes he can go through an election without laying out, in excruciating detail, where he's at on these issues and many others that will... that have.... doomed any chance he has at being elected.

Even at the more local level, one of the M&M Twins, Maureen Winningham, has followed suit with Dingethal by refusing to answer the following questions:
Abortion Fact of the Day: The latest Gallup Poll shows that 48% of Americans are pro-life to 45% being pro-abortion.

Since you base your decisions on polls, does that mean you will oppose pro-Abortion legislation, like the current abortion insurance issue?

Let's see if you're really into that "Ideas over ideology" thing.

As a prospective constituent, I'd like to know what you are going to do to follow the dictates of this district when it comes to light rail.

Every single precinct in the 18th... every single one of them... voted against light rail.

So, in the event you're elected, what are you going to do to represent those of us opposed to the CRC?
You obviously have a position on the minimum wage issue... so what's your position on the CRC?
I put these questions up day before yesterday.  Lew waters put up other questions.

We've been ignored.

And, of course, for the same reasons.

Neither of the M&M Twins has a chance of winning in the 18th District.  But like Dingethal, they're in no particular hurry to pull the rope on their own political guillotine.

The end result?

They run.

But they're not going to be able to hide.

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