Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More hypocrisy and election year theatrics from Jaime Herrera.

Jaime Herrera doesn't give a rat's ass about veterans.  I totally wish that Ridgefield Barbie would take me off her mailing list so I wouldn't get her "Hooray for me!" mailers where she lies about supporting veterans and puts on a show in the guise of a press-release-plastered "Veteran's Resource Fair."

Let me repeat that: Jaime Herrera doesn't give a rat's ass about veterans.

This is the same Jaime Herrera who recently voted to cut disability pensions for disabled veterans.

I admit it.

I am a "disabled veteran."

It's a zero percent disability from a broken wrist. Weird, eh? No monthly check or disability rating outside of that. I messed up both knees, both ankles, my neck and TBI'd during my 14-year stretch, but with the backlog, I've never even tried to get the VA to rate me. (They are the geniuses who gave me the rating unasked for)

If gives me a higher category. Gets me some discounts. Says, "Service Connected" on my VA card.

I need back surgery, but it's not emergent. There are many ahead of me... combat vets from all the wars and those worse off.

And I'm fine with that. I missed all the shooting (They weren't shipping 17 y.o.'s in 72 and the only other shooting was Grenada until I said the hell with it and got out in 86.) and I have zero problem waiting for those who were actually there to get taken care of.

I fricking flipped out when my fake Republican Congresswoman voted to cut disability spending because she lacked the balls to say "no." Not because it cost me anything, but because such a vote is immoral in every sense.

All in the name of political expedience, you understand.

While those who never cared enough to serve, like Herrera, might feel it's OK to cut disability pay... even temporarily... those of us who have completely support the disability checks others are receiving and most likely share my view that it's poor enough compensation.

Disabled vets are owed. They don't owe a damned thing. Your body and or mind are damaged by your service, you'll never be the same and we owe you for that.

And so does that empty-suited idiot, who stood there and looked me in the eye and told me that he 11 year absence from this area before Boldt got her appointed to the state House "was the same thing as being in the military."

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