Friday, February 07, 2014

Leftist democratian condemns Pike "training wage" plan.

Down in the bowls of the faux journalistic Shop of Horrors known as the democratian, they don't happen to like State Rep. Liz Pike's (R-18) idea concerning a sub-minimum wage training wage.

Well, you knew that was going to happen.

The leftist slime infesting us turned that effort into another pro-union, anti-Republican hate fest... so what else would the democratian have to say except the plan won't work?

Now, as I'm writing this, I haven't read the latest leftist assault on common sense known as a democratian editorial.  But knowing these scum as I do, the likely outcome is that for various false and unrealistic "reasons," Pike's plan "won't work."

They won't offer anything that WILL work, you understand.  They won't even acknowledge the problems of the highest minimum wage in the country, or youth unemployment generally.... and minority unemployment particularly.

Jayne will just beat the hell out of Pike because Pike has an "R" after her name and dares to be conservative while trying to offer up solutions.

They'll offer nothing to address these well-known issues because in the minds of most leftists, all problems were solved by implementing the highest wage in the country.  The obvious fall out of the perspective... the main fallacy... that employers do not want to pay a skilled wage to unskilled workers (Take a quick look at the massive job loss... both real and projected... of the SeaTac minimum extortion debacle for an example)  which hurts those the crime of a minimum wage was SUPPOSED to help.

But, they'll hammer this plan like they hammer most conservative initiatives... because as an "R," is after the name of the chief proponent, they're not interested in solving the issues confronting us as much as they are beating the hell out of conservatives.

As I expected, the rag merely mouths the tripe from the unionistas who could care less about minimum wage workers.  And then, the rag's only complaint seems to be that the amount of time for such a wage is too long and needs to be shortened to 90 days.

See, this kind of thing is where the Lazy C gets it's nickname.  Jayne just mailed this tripe in.  It's not just a matter of being a piss-poor editorial because of it's whiny subject matter: it's piss poor because it's all verbiage and zero substance.

But then, that's the kind of thing we've grown to expect from the worthless carbuncle on the Columbia River.

So let's beat up Pike over the proposal when the rag tells us that, effectively, tweaking it to a shorter time frame would make them happy.


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