Friday, February 14, 2014

Lefties freaking out over WalMart hiring 400?

So, WalMart has started to hire some 400 workers for their soon-to-be-opened stores.

Leftists whine en masse, of course.  But they strangely offered no alternative to WalMart for employment... like one of those ultra-high paying union extortion jobs... which is all too typical of the left... who seem to act like those working at WalMart do so under duress... like threats of death or some such.

They're not, of course.  But the leftist union scum would rather have them all dependent on government and NOT working than they would have them working for WalMart... because the left believe they are owed.

Of course, every effort these scum have made to unionize a WalMart has failed.

But here's the thing: Every one of these 400 people will have more of a chance than any one of the welfare queens the left prefers.

Here's a sample of their incessant whining:
upper management?! those folks barely make 15 dollars an hour themselves!! the problem with walmart is that there is no such thing as upward mobility within their company. the only mobility that could be found is in corporate, but even then you had better have a lot of school and a lot of experiance[sic] (none of which you get greeting people at the door). there are no skills to be gained, no business to be learned, and folks that work there are stuck their because no matter how long you work there, the only thing it will do to boost your resume is show that you at least werent unemployed. and there is no gun, but with walmart saturating our local economy the way they are, there might as well be.
Another blow to the local economy - 300 "jobs" vs
Million$ of dollar$ extracted from the local businesses & economy. Corporate win,
middle class FAIL .
what a joke!!
What is "full time" for MalWart? How many of the jobs will have at least 30 hours per week? How many will pay above poverty-line to keep people off of "entitlements"?
Kimberly Elizabeth, how many of those 400 will be wishing they had a job that could sustain them...I'm thinking 400. how many of those 400 will be wishing they didnt have to still collect food stamps even after they have a job...Im thinking 400
 An how much will these jobs pay? And what kind of employee benefits?
 "Eligible employees will receive health care insurance and other benefits"; the other 90% will be shown how to apply for Medicaid and food stamps.
Kimberly Elizabeth, the next time you see a family that is struggling to feed their children, go up to them and tell them they deserve it because they clearly arent skilled enough...and congratulations, YOU are what is wrong with our country!
These leftist worms do all they can to keep people locked down.  That hundreds, if not thousands are going to apply to work there?

Well, that puts the lie to everything these scum are saying.

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