Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kudos to the Clark County PUD and county road crews..

Out here in the hinterland of Hockinson Hills, it was to be expected that our recent weather would result in power outages and impassable roads.

I experienced neither.  Not even a flicker... and the road crews did a really good job of keeping the roads as safe as idiot drivers would allow.

Fortunately, a 4Matic Mercedes with studded snows was up to the task of climbing up our long (A little over a 10th of a mile) driveway to get out to streets routinely graveled and treated in such a way that transportation wasn't difficult, although we stayed off the roads for the most part because of conditions and the fact that for whatever the reason out here, drivers like to go ditch-surfing.

Kudos to the crews... the men and women who kept the roads passable and the power on.  Well done.

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