Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FOX announces Boehner to sell us out on the debt ceiling:

FOX has just announced that Boehner will again throw us all generally and veterans specifically under the bus.

Yet another reason to avoid voting for the GOP at the federal level. 

Not surprising.

New York Times article on the sellout.


Boehner to Bring Debt Ceiling to Vote Without Policy Attachments

    WASHINGTON — Facing a rebellion over his latest debt ceiling proposal, Speaker John A. Boehner has told House Republicans that he will bring legislation to a vote on Wednesday that would raise the government’s borrowing authority with no strings attached.
    “House Republican leaders told members this morning that it is clear the paid-for military COLA provision will not attract enough support, so we will be bringing up a ‘clean’ debt limit bill tomorrow,” a Republican official said, referring to a plan on veterans’ benefits. “Boehner made clear the G.O.P. would provide the requisite number of Republican votes for the measure but that Democrats will be expected to carry the vote.”
    On Monday night, Mr. Boehner laid out a plan to link the debt ceiling increase to legislation that would have reversed a cut to veteran retirement benefits. But conservative Republicans opposed the plan, and Republican leaders worried that Democrats would not go along, holding firm to President Obama’s demand that no policy attachments come with a debt ceiling increase.
    On Tuesday, the speaker gave up, a dramatic gesture for a leader who once declared the “Boehner Rule,” which holds that any debt ceiling increase should be attached to spending cuts of equal size. A House Republican who was in the room for the speaker’s announcement described the response as “stunned silence.”

    "On Tuesday, the speaker gave up," has become the epitaph of the GOP.

    Why are we voting for anyone when all they do is "give up?"

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