Thursday, February 06, 2014

County government dead wood continue to wash away.

Yet another leftist staffer has wised up and thankfully departed our fair county.

Kelly Sills, economic development chief, joins those fleeing to more leftist climes as a result of the conservative majority on the county commission.

Fringe-leftist nutters and the democrat newsletter (The democratian) are all aflutter; naturally blaming the conservative majority for these departures since, in leftist-world, they are responsible for everything considered "bad" and absolutely nothing considered "good."

Of course, every unproven allegation ever made is brought up at every possible moment by slime like Stephony Rice, one of the army of dembots slaving away at the behest of Lefty Lou Brancaccio to lie, exaggerate, twist and prevaricate in the democratian's years-long campaign to replace the conservatives on the Board.

The county's economy all but collapsed during his tenure so he won't be missed.  And to Portland... you have my sympathies.

Now, to replace him with another good conservative...

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