Thursday, February 06, 2014

Cathy McMorris under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Why am I not surprised?

Ahhhhh, yes.  Cathy McMorris.  A bright former fellow Legislative Assistant who's made good.

Cathy had a go-fer running around the office getting her coffee named Jaime Herrera.

She also had a buddy from Legislative days, former Republican former Rep. Marc Boldt (R-17) who became a former Republican county commissioner.

McMorris saw an opportunity to parachute Ridgefield Barbie back into the district to get the Camas Manikin positioned to run against Brian Baird should he decide to leave. 

Boldt greased the skids because Cathy wanted a girl with no resume' who hadn't even lived in the state for the prior 11 years to be appointed to a House seat when she couldn't even discuss the most basic issues confronting us...  "I would presume to pretend to know" being her usual answer to the questions from the commissioners.

Instead of getting now Sen. Ann Rivers who is everything our empty-suited congresscritter could ever dream of being, and who has shown more effectiveness, leadership and responsiveness during her short time in the legislature than Babs has ever since we've been cursed with Bab's presence as Cathy's puppet, we were stuck with the bimbette... all so Marc could do his buddy Cathy a solid.

After being outed for claiming fake death threats, and referring to those smart enough to oppose the neo-communist Obamacare scam as "Brown Shirts" and other Nazi types, Baird made the smart move and declined to run.

Cathy had her puppet pull the trigger, threw all her weight behind that worthless twit, got the Bellevue Mafia involved, elbowing aside an outstanding congressional candidate who had been running against Baird for a year (David Castillo by name) and made sure that simple idiot Herrera got the gig, giving the 5th Congressional District 2 representatives in Congress, and the 3trd CD a grand total of zero.

And now, she may be in trouble for ethics or other violations.

Wouldn't that be cool?

Here's the thing: Cathy is a Jennifer Dunn wannabe.  The trouble is that Jennifer wasn't all that when it comes right down to it... but no one else is stepping up to be the grand high poo bah in GOP politics in Washington State, so McMorris wants the job.

The karma bus being what it is, it looks like it's made a stop at Cathy's office.

I, for one, am giddy.

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