Friday, January 10, 2014

Hypocritian straw man: "In Our View: Fee Reduction Needs Results:

With the "givens" of the hypocritian's well-known hatred of conservative commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke, this kind of this doesn't surprise.  In fact, we should expect a great deal more of their not-even-subtle efforts to hold them accountable as every decision they make by virtue of the majority over Slimeball is dissected and autopsied.

1.  Given that the editor of the hypocritian, Lou Brancaccio, hates the conservative commissioners.
2.  Given the fact that his reporters have completely immersed themselves into that hatred and typically reflect it in everything they write about the county.
3.  Given that the paper has lied, exaggerated, twisted and portrayed the conservative commissioners as bumbling idiots

How can the judgment of "results" be left to them?

Strange, isn't it?  How often did this rag make those kinds of demands when the left ran the county commission.... every day until January of last year for what.... the entirety of the history of this county?

Don't spend a lot of time looking for it: you'll be hard pressed to find any such demand.

For example, how about these demands they COULD have made over the past several, democrat-dominated years... but deliberately refused to make?

Where's the editorials entitled:

"In our view: pro-CRC Scammers need to reflect the will of the people"

"In our view: the downtown mafia doesn't run the joint, the people do."

"In our view: No ballpark scam without a county vote."

And so on... and so on.

In reality, every commission decision "needs results."

The problem?

Who is to judge what those results are?

Certainly not this cancerous growth on our community: if the conservative majority on the commission discovered a cure for cancer, reduced county unemployment to zero, solved the high cost of energy, actually turned the wasteland of downtown Vancouver into a paradise (Given that the besotted mayor has no clue on how to achieve that) this rag would do nothing to quiet their voice of condemnation and hate.

It's not unlike reading a white supremacy rag.  In this case, instead of minorities being targeted, it's conservatives generally and conservative commissioners particularly.

In short, it doesn't matter WHAT the fee reduction accomplishes: a newspaper of hatred will never acknowledge any positive outcome; in fact, the one thing we already know is that the leader of this paper will lie, exaggerate, belittle and generally attack the conservative commissioners no matter what they do, or how/when they do it.

So, here's the thing: what the commissioners need to do is to ignore this despicable waste of wood pulp.

Commissioner Hinton, for example, would refuse to discuss anything with them of any kind.

I would utilize the Reflector as the messenger of the county, and ignore Brancaccio and his propagandists entirely.

Although Vance has shown himself to have leftists tendencies and to babble somewhat about things he clearly knows little about, I have yet to catch them lying... unlike the scum at the hypocritian.

The fact is that this straw man garbage is one of the bigger wastes I've ever seen of an editorial around here:

Once you determine the rank bias and lies of the hypocritian, primarily the fault of their reasonably psychotic editor as a baseline, everything else falls into place.

When the purpose of a paper becomes the political destruction of governmental leaders, anything they write, including their campaign image consultancy for RINO Greg Kimsey, is to be ignored by the masses, since most of the time, what they write about the county fails to bear even a passing resemblance to the truth. 

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