Thursday, January 09, 2014

Another week goes by and still no positions from Dingethal.

And that's a shame.

As a conservative staunchly opposed to that cardboard cutout of a congresscritter we've had for the last term and a half, and hearing how sick of her so many others are, Bob has a chance to make some inroads here with me and many others if he'd just stake out 2 main positions:

Where's he at on the CRC Scam?

What's he planning to do to get rid of the massive abortion known as Obamacare?

I asked him that over a month ago, with no response.  Further, he's put up a campaign website in addition to his facebook page which lacks issue one anywhere on it.

As someone who voted for Haugen against Herrera last cycle because of his obvious opposition to the CRC as opposed to Herrera's obvious support, presuming Herrera actually runs again, I will not vote for her.

The only other question is this: will I vote for someone else, or not vote at all?

That, in large part, is up to Mr. Dingethal.

Here.  Take a couple of these and then put some issues up.

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