Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Commissioners nail it on the pot law.

So, pot-heads are freaking out over the decision to emulate Pierce County's ban on pot sales ordinance:
“No application for a marijuana-licensed business shall be approved by Pierce County until such time as marijuana is removed from the schedule of controlled substances at 21 U.S.C. sec. 812(c) as evidenced by a slip law available from the Library of Congress.”
My position, all along, is that the pot initiative  legalized nothing.

Under federal law, the recreational use of pot is prohibited.

Federal supremacy applies here just as much as it did with much of HB 1070, Arizona's immigration law.

The article is here.  Pot heads?  Read it and weep.

Look, I support the will of the people on this issue, no matter how much they bought the lies of the campaign that spent millions to distort and fantasize over revenue.

But like any other law at that state level, if the feds have a law that prohibits the use of a drug, or any other aspect of law, the people of this state are not in a position to supersede that law.

Those who are so upset that they can't drive to Cowlitz or Skamania to get their fix should be energized to have our resident Congresswoman get on the stick and get this legalized.  

Meanwhile, we remain a nation of laws, and not suggestions... at least when it comes to drugs.

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