Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Apparently, those opposed to democrat positions aren't allowed an opinion in the Congressional race.

So, I've been leaving a few comments over on Dingethal's Congressional Facebook page over the last month that ask him... every 10 days or so... to give up his positions on stopping the CRC and overturning Obamacare.

As the counter in the upper right corner shows, he or his campaign has yet to respond.

The leftists gathering around Dingethal apparently don't believe that I either should have an opinion or the right to express it to someone who badly wants to become my next Representative in Congress.

As a prospective constituent and with this channel of communication open, I am utilizing it to ask Mr. Dingethal the questions listed above.  I've also indicated that if he doesn't tell us that he's opposed to the CRC Scam and that he'll work to overturn Obamacare, then he's wasting his time running.

I've always had a problem with candidates for office hiding their positions as if we should just trust them and be done with it.

No one wants Jaime Herrera out of office more than I... a fact proven over 6 years of opposing her being in elective office.  But the fringe left, partisan hacks at the democrat front group, Democrats of Clark County for Good Governance seems upset at my exercise of expressing an opinion and asking a candidate questions... an altogether typical example of that fantastic "diversity" they love so much, so I was greeted with this early this afternoon.
  • Bryan Wray Too bad Bob didn't know to already have Kelly Hinton and his 3-4 aliases blocked before even putting this page live.

    It must be rough to be a person so disliked that you have to create multiple aliases just to interact with social media sites. Especially when BOTH sides of the aisle/an issue tend to not want to hear your opinion, simply because it's you saying it.
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    • Rufus Parsenagel Which has what, exactly, to do with the issues?

      It must be tough to know that your positions will get get you killed politically to the point that you, as a candidate, refuse to state them.

      Cowardice, you see, typically doesn't play well as a campaign platform.

      As for whoever or whatever you are, I really don't give a damn what you "think," using the term loosely.

      Further, I'm reasonably sure that Bob can speak for himself. And at some point...

      ...He will.
  • Bryan Wray Yeah, all the pro-CRC candidates in Vancouver had it really rough at the last council election. Some of them even had to TRY to get votes. Hard life.

    Does David Madore Give you $5 under the table every time you mention the CRC? He's probably the only person on the planet I can think of that talks about being against it more than you do.

    Kelly, you're an embarrassment to yourself, your party, and your acquaintances. You pretend to be "all about the issues," but really you just want to throw mud, whine and complain.

    Cowardice?!! From you?!! You don't even use your real name! Get a grip...

    Signing off and signing out. I've alerted the page admins if your aliases so that in due time they can ban you and remove your posts. You never have anything constructive or worthwhile to say, you simply ramble and rant and complain about anything and everything that isn't Tea Party.
    • Rufus Parsenagel Here's the thing, Bryan:

      Apparently, you're not real big on reading comprehension, because if you were, you would have understood the phrase: "As for whoever or whatever you are, I really don't give a damn what you 'think,' using the term loosely."
It's not altogether unusual to shoot the messenger when you don't like the message, and the entire focus of Wray's idiocy is that, somehow, I dare to express an opinion, which he refuses to address, instead, focusing all of his anger at me, personally.

That's his privilege.  Pissing off the left is part and parcel as to why I use a fake name in the first place... it seem to drive them insane.

So, what's the local neo-Communist front group have to say about it?

  • I just noticed Rufus Parsenagel aka Kelly Hinton aka KJ Hinton aka Kage McClued et al is now posting remarks on Bob Dingthal's campaign page. Sigh.

    Bob Dingethal is running for Congress in Washington's 3rd District. It's time for leadership that is ready to work! Learn more at
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As I pointed out to Wray, I don't give a damn what he thinks.

The peculiar irony of this nonsense is that I oppose Herrera staying in office more than many democrats... in fact, last cycle, I admit it: I voted for Jon Haugen and can proudly state that I have NEVER voted for Herrera... and never will.

But because I ask a couple of questions and offer an opinion... and this is how they respond?

So, gang, feel free to come after me.  If you are the kind of people that Mr. Dingethal surrounds himself with, I would venture to say this is much more his problem than it is mine.

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