Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some Briggs' self-flagellating megalomania.

As a leftist, it's difficult to find someone who lives in a more delusional political world than Mussolini Mikey.

Someone sent me a tidbit of his Obama-like megalomania which serves as yet another example of his "hooray for me," self-stroking personality... and it reads for itself.

They send me a great deal, which will be used in a timely manner down the road to illustrate what a confused, uber-fringe-left nutter... running on hatred... that this clown actually is.

Briggs, who is deluding himself into wanting to be the next leftist road bump in the 18th legislative district, will be crushed in such a run.  Fringe-left, pro-CRC Scammer/Stuart/Boldt/Liar acolytes have zero chance here, but he and his numerous toadies are whipping themselves into a Nuremberg-like frenzy as they line up to hold his political coat while he gets his political ass kicked.

There is nothing to indicate that the 18th is anything approaching what Mussolini and his minions seem to believe it to be, politically.  Just for one example, each and every precinct in the 18th district voted against his favored CRC Scam.  He's got a paper trail a thousand miles lone where he rather stupidly has shilled both for the CRC Scam and the CRC Scammers.

Fringe-leftist or no, any moron supporting that rip off is politically DOA in the 18th.  Just ask the clowns that ran last time... carbon copies of Mussolini Mike... and absolute, political road kill. 

And that's just fine by me.

Briggs, of course, is a liar.  The expressed surprise within this idiocy... when anyone watching this clown knows he's been chomping at the bit to walk into my fan for months, for example.  He has wanted to run forever... so badly he can taste it.  Particularly since none of the legislators outside the 49th District Soviet paid any attention to his fringe-left blather.

Nothing else would sooth his savage ego.

The psychology of his "people, please beg me to run" shtick when most believe that he's long since decided to walk into a rake .

There is, of course, no way that Brent was urging this scumbag to run anywhere, except, perhaps, away.  But the cutesie, idiotic interpretation that Briggs puts on this is part and parcel of why he shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

Well, that and his political cowardice... his "cacooning," if you will... where he surrounds himself only with those who think like he does while excluding anyone wise enough to either call his ignorant ass out, or disagree with his frequently bizarre and self-deluded observations/conclusions about either policy or governance.

I despise and will be working to get rid of Brandon Vick, who while meeting each of my expectations of worthlessness as a cardboard cutout of a state representative, equates to a zero.

Unfortunately, Mussolini Mikey equates to a somewhat larger negative number... a less than zero, so to speak.  And I guarantee his defeat.

Feel free to bring it, Mikey.  I'm begging you, here.

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