Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So, is Stephony Rice going to trash the Stuart-Boldt regime, and nail Kevin Grey over the $3 million we have to waste?

Of course not.  And fringe-left whack job, Fran Hammond, is stupidly blaming Madore for this when it happened before Madore ever set foot in office.

But here's the thing: it DID happen, and Grey was rightfully fired for it, just like Stuart should be fired for it.

The question: is that simple idiot Brancaccio going to go after THEM for costing us millions the way he's gone after Madore for getting rid of Grey (legally) and hiring Benton (legally.)

Of course not.

This is just more of that hypocrisy this despicable rag is known for.
In 2008, the county refused to adopt state standards for managing polluted runoff, dismissing them as an unreasonable burden to place on private developers.
In 2011, Leighton issued an injunction against Clark County, ordering it to follow state default stormwater requirements that newly developed land drain as slowly as it did prior to Euro-American settlement.
At the time, the county was defending its stormwater plan in the state courts, a fight it ultimately lost.
Who were the commissioners in 2008?  Stuart.  Boldt.  Morris.

Who WASN'T a commissioner in either 2008 or 2011?


Watch the leftists blame all of this on him and Benton.

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