Wednesday, December 18, 2013

County commission saves thousands by whacking chambers: fringe-leftists whine.

Always on the lookout to save money, the Clark County Commissioners got around to sending out letters confirming their decision to end the bizarre practice of helping to finance the support of the CRC Scam by stopping payments to the various Chambers of Horrors that support it.

As expected, both the democratian and the whining, sniveling punks wrapped around the various chamber axles bitched like cut cats, even though the amounts were small... and given their idiotic CRC Scam support, they should have forecast this reduction.

Slimeballs like Larry "Screw You" Smith, one of the main CRC Scammers called it "no surprise.... more to come," (as it should be...)

Nelson Holmberg threw an embolism:
  • Nelson Holmberg At the Woodland Chamber, we were told we got the money. Only to receive this letter today. Came as quite a surprise. The Woodland Chamber also runs the Visitor's Information Center in Woodland, and that's where the bulk of this money was to go.

    Like it or not, tourism promotes economic activity throughout the region. In our case, specifically, tourism dollars promote the Lewis River Valley - be it the Lelooska Living Cultural Center, fishing and water recreation in the Lewis River (Merwin, Yale, Swift, Speleyai, etc.), Cougar, Mt. St. Helens' south face, and much more. While $2,500 isn't a huge amount of money, it will affect our operations. This is pretty sad. Not exactly the way to "open the floodgates".
Neither is wasting thousands on do-nothing organizations bent on opposing the will of the people.

Besides, it ain't all that much, Nelson.  Write them a check with YOUR money and make up the shortfall.  You can afford it.

I support this move.  These are non-governmental organizations... private organizations and as a taxpayer, I don't owe them a thing.

Well done to Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke for cutting this waste.

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