Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Leftist crickets chirp: 3100 jobs in Clark County in November.

Strangely silent all of a sudden, you all must have read the fringe-left nutters chortling about Commissioner Davide Madore's "opening of the floodgate of jobs" statement.

Since his election, just about any time Madore was ever quoted concerning economic development...  the leftist whackjobs would pollute their democratian comment section by using the the phrase "floodgate of jobs" as if it were some kind of epithet.

Madore's justified effort to cut off county taxpayer funds from the downtown mafia, for example... rightfully ending county subsidies for the groups opposing the will of the people who elected him and who have rejected the vision of the mafia repeatedly... you could count on at least one of the leftist haters spitting out something related to Madore's "floodgate of jobs" effort and his attempts at getting rid of the many and various impediments to economic development of the regulatory and expensive fee variety...

And now, we get this:

Clark County economy adds 3,100 jobs in November

By Aaron Corvin, Columbian port & economy reporter
Published: December 23, 2013, 5:10 PM
Clark County's economy continued to improve in the 12 months ending in November, a new report issued by the state showed Monday, adding 3,100 jobs and posting a healthy annualized growth rate of 2.3 percent.
All but two employment sectors showed a net gain in jobs over the year, according to Scott Bailey, regional labor economist for the state Employment Security Department. Trade, transportation and utilities fattened payrolls by 800 jobs, construction boomed with 600 jobs, leisure and hospitality grew by 600 positions and financial services chipped in 400 jobs.
On the negative side, health care shed 100 jobs. Government employment saw no change over the year.
Meanwhile, the county's preliminary unemployment rate in November clocked in at 7 percent, Bailey wrote in his "Southwest Washington Labor Market News" report, released Monday. That's down from 8.1 percent unemployment in November 2012.
However, November's initial jobless rate of 7 percent may be revised upward next month "by at least a point," according to Bailey. The revision would take into account those unemployed county residents who previously worked in Oregon.
The county's preliminary jobless rate of 7.1 percent in October was similarly revised upward to 8.3 percent. Clark County's unemployment rate reached its highest level in March 2010: 15.9 percent.
The newest numbers point to a Clark County labor market steadily on the mend. During the Great Recession years -- from February 2008 to February 2010 -- the county hemorrhaged about 10,000 jobs, according to Bailey. Since then, it has recovered 9,300 jobs, or about 93 percent of what was lost.

And the fringe-left haters?

Well the usual scum are out with their rank hypocrisy: you know, Molehill Moeller, the ever-double-dipping Marc Brown ripping us off for a quarter-million a year plus... they can't help themselves with their partisan, Pavlovian fringe-left responses.

They give all the credit to that scumbag in the White House.  Those with half a brain cell functioning know that if the numbers looked bad, these slime would blame it all on Madore, while if the numbers look good (and they do) it's not because of anything Madore has done.

Brown is particularly asinine with his $3.07 bullshit for the price of gasoline... apparently, he's forgotten his fellow fringe-leftists sniveling incessantly at $3 gasoline under Bush... While remaining silent at the $5 gasoline under their blithering idiot president.

God, the rank hypocrisy of the left.  It constantly reeks.

Will the democratian give Madore any credit for this turn of events?

They'd dive into a boiling pool of hydrochloric acid first.

And if the news had been bad?

They'd have beaten him to a pulp with it.

Because that's how the left rolls.

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