Monday, December 23, 2013

Cup update: copyright issues.

So, initially, I was going to use a design for the response cup to the idiocy that Lefty Lou is ripping everyone off for by charging $10 each for a roughly $2 cup.

The machine couldn't duplicate the design since it contained a picture so ugly, so hideous and repulsive that the machine kept screaming and breaking down.

Further, considering the scum it was about, I had received advice to not use that design at all due to copyright concerns.  You know that slimeball would love to sue... that's how he rolls.

I will just be using a generic newsprint font that appears something like this on hopefully a newsprint paper-colored cup:

I like this better than "Stop writing stupid stuff," on the original design because first, just about everything this OCD freak on a jihad writes is, in fact, stupid... and second, he's in charge of the other morons he allows to engage in character assassination, lies, deceit and generally using the rag to beat the hell out of the vast majority of the people of this region... since most are opposed to his agenda... just look at the results of the last election.

The lines will be closer together and wrap around the entire cup from the handle on the left to the right.

I'm working to get these out as fast as I can, and they will be a great deal less expensive than Lefty's with all proceeds being split evenly between a veteran's group and a food bank.

It wouldn't surprise me if Lefty was keeping all the money those idiots who've bought his garbage are spending for the privilege.

I'll take another shot at mocking one up over the next few days... stay tuned.

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