Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas... no blogging today.

My family always comes first and I am very thankful for them, those here with me and those absent.

To those who cannot be home with their families this day... those defending us, those serving us, those taking care of us, those protecting us... you have my gratitude.

To those with courage, principle and integrity who serve us in government (And those in government reading this know both who they are... and who they aren't) you also have my gratitude, given the rarity of those principles to be found in the hallowed halls of the White House, Congress, the County, and particularly the city of Vancouver.

Make sure you hug your kids tonight.  Tell them you love them.  Tell your significant other the same.  Let them know how valued and important they are to you.

It's difficult to love as much as we should in this sea of hate.  Go out and find a charity or two you can donate some time to... your time and hard work truly is more valuable than your money.

Help when you can.  Pray for those less fortunate and do what you can for them when you have the chance.

Do more.  Do better.  Fight for the Right... (No.... not the political right, but what is right regardless of politics.)  Be a better parent, a better wife, a better husband.  Do.... just a little bit.... more.

And have a great New Year.

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