Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cup update and Lefty Lou's jihad against Madore continues... as he again displays his hatred.

I'm hoping to have a "Don't write stupid stuff" cup mock-up this week... you'll see it, hopefully by the end of the week. Hopefully they'll be out by early week after next, in time for Christmas!

They'll make the perfect gift!

Sometimes, I wonder what would happen to Lefty Lou if the object of his desire... I mean, his hatred, were simply to disappear.  Would his head explode? What about his keyboard?

Today's effort is typical of the ilk.  His self-flagellating picture speaks  for itself... it's as scummy as he is.

Based on the slaughter of his CRC Scam, Lefty should be using a baseball bat.

His single-minded focus in throwing out the vote of the people of this county for getting rid of his toady, Marc Boldt,and installing a commissioner who actually does the will of the people.... the likelihood that Madore's efforts at blowing up the rip off of the CTran scam  will be successful?

Those are the issues that are driving Psychopath Lou.

Madore is the face of everything Lefty hates.

He wears his conservatism and his belief in Christ on his sleeve.  In Lefty's eye, Madore can do no right... no matter the outcome of any of his initiatives or efforts with the county.

Madore could cure cancer and the scumbag editor of the democratian would still hammer him like a nail.

He's the face of those, like me, that became the revolt of the unwashed masses and ultimately proved that Lefty's constant yammering that the people of this county were not opposed to the CRC Scam, a now proven falsehood that has shattered what shards of Lefty's credibility remained.

Lefty's arrogance in patting himself on the ass over the one election he called?  Well, when Lefty can't find good news, he's never had a problem making it up.  Today, he pleasures himself because he figured out the results of one election... while he proceeded to lose the war as the people of this community rose up en masse and crushed his silly-assed CRC Scam.

Do you suppose his moronic envelope held the obvious results of his humiliation, and that's why he engaged in that worthless, half-hearted attempt to turn the advisory vote into some sort of protest scam?

Did his envelope tell him how that would work out for him?

And do you note that he's never talked about his massacre at the polls?

Must be too painful.

I wonder: has he had the surgery, yet?

You know, the one where Madore buried his foot up Brancaccio's ass?

I would guess not, given Lefty's lack of comfort with it.

Tsk, tsk.

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