Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Continuing democratian stupidity on arming teachers.

During their restatement of the obvious concerning school security (That it can't be "guaranteed") Jayne apparently felt compelled to screw it up by adding this idiocy:
Others throughout the country have advocated more radical measures. In the wake of last year's Sandy Hook shooting, a task force backed by the National Rifle Association recommended allowing teachers to keep loaded guns in their classrooms, provided the teachers have been properly trained. But advocating more guns to solve problems caused by people using guns is illogical and would seem to only be inviting disaster.

Whoever wrote this failed to point out that, in fact, there ARE districts that have armed teachers.  They also failed to provide any examples of any "disasters" that have taken place as a result.

I support arming qualified teachers.  I, personally, don't leave my house without being armed... and I have to ask myself: why is my security more important than that of a teacher and his or her class full of children?

It isn't.  Constitutional rights should never end at the doorway of a school.

Jayne tells us:
It's not that school violence is a wholly modern invention. The worst school massacre in U.S. history was a bombing that ended in 45 deaths in Bath Township, Mich., in 1927. But the frequency of shootings has increased over the past generation.
And they have.  But in how many of the schools where these shootings actually have taken place... were the teachers armed?


As I stated at the time when the fringe-left nutters went insane with their asinine efforts to take our weapons away:
To all of the naysayers, including the total idiots quoted in this article, I would ask you this:

It's your classroom that slimeball is going to be busting into.  You know he's coming.  You heard it.  You heard the screams, the noises, the yelling.  You've got 20 babies who are screaming, crying, running around.  You're heroic, you would give your life to protect them.

You now have a choice in this hypothetical:  You can shield as many of your children as possible with your body and get killed first... hopefully before you see him slaughter any of the rest.


You can pull your weapon the moment you hear the threat, wait for the door to your classroom to get broken in, or shot in... and then blow that unsuspecting Son of a Bitch to Mars.

The idea that teachers are too stupid to do this is bizarre.  It's amazing what someone can do when their lives and the lives of others depend on it.
I have YET to hear any other solution to this problem from anyone.

As the teachers at Sandy Hook that survived now know full well... when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

When an uninformed pogue who doesn't have to bear the consequences tells us that arming teachers appears to their stilted brains to be "inviting disaster" without providing ANY realistic alternative... well, that just tends to show a retarded, fringe-left lack of brain functionality.

Much like today's editorial.

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