Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's game of "Smack the Peg."

Peg Owens is one of the CRC Pimps that Mussolini Mikey likes to hang out with.  In fact, they should just get a room and be done with it.

In the past, I've beaten Peggy's bizarre positions to a pulp over the scams he's so rabidly supported: in fact, my all time fav was breaking my foot off in his ass over his rabid support of the ballpark scam... an issue that shows his OCD like few others, and one where I routinely pounded him for his rank ignorance and hypocrisy.  All you need to do is a search on my blog where you can see where I blasted his efforts so hard and successfully that his Mom felt it.

Peg was one of those "your rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it" scum that still hasn't got over getting his ass kicked on the ballpark scam. In fact, he's still pickling up pieces of his own skull because his hated-by Peg-anti-ballpark nemesis,  Republican Commissioner Tom Mielke, crushed Joe Tanner in his recent re-election... winning by a paltry 6,000 votes or so...  And roughly 21,000 more votes than Peggy's unlamented hero, Marc Boldt.

So, Peggy... you like going over to Hillsboro to watch the Yakima Millionaires play?  I know *I* do!

And guess who got his ass kicked in the most recent election for school board here in Hockinson?  Why, Ron Arp, Yakima Millionaire's mouthpiece!  I'm sure THAT stupidity on his part had NOTHING to do with it... right?

Every once in awhile, Peggy comes by to dump a load.  He'll never get over the fact that I kicked his ass in on the ballpark scam, so I get that he's just the tiniest bit resentful when he's made to look like a blithering idiot on so many things... like the ballpark scam and now, the CRC buffoonery.

For whatever the reason... maybe he's got a sadomasochistic streak or something, he decided to get stuck on stupid today, and come out and play, making the utterly bizarre and indefensible claim that a majority of the people did NOT vote against his... and Mikey's... pet rip off.

As I say, it's been awhile since he's come slinking around here... usually, when I see his name, I just hit the "delete" button and let it go at that.

But I was bored, and his post was so incredibly bizarre, inept and downright stupid that I pondered, "what the hell," and I thought I'd jam him... again... and make him look like a blithering idiot... again... and just generally finish the job of having his head explode because he's shown up to be a complete moron... again.

But after this, he goes back to being relegated  to the shitter... where, he so obviously, belongs.

Here's Peggy's blather:
Hardly a majority against the CRC, moron.  Only 38% of eligible voters voted.  68% of those voted yes on a meaningless vote.  That's a little over 25% of eligible voters and even less of the adult population in Clark County.  You think THAT represents the majority?  Hardly, moron.  Go back to grade school and learn some math, moron.
So much idiocy.

Good thing for me, I've got enough time to ginzu his dumb ass.

First lie:

"Hardly a majority against the CRC."

The vote tally:

The overall "against loot rail" vote was 68.4% (60,409 out of 88,000 or so)

As "no on any subject" votes go, that's a political massacre of old school proportions.

The vote by precinct:

Clark County has 228 precincts.  Of those 228, 223 precincts voted against loot rail... or, against both Peggy and his boyfriend's position on the rip off.

Now, I understand that Peggy and reality are rarely found within 20 miles of each other, but I don't need to interpret these numbers at all.  They speak for themselves, and Peggy's bizarre efforts to use numbers to buttress his Twilight Zone positions shows that for Peg, time and space in fact do NOT have any meaning... and it again shows that while Peggy's figures don't lie, liars certainly do figure.

Back in the day of the fake democratian poll on loot rail, the sample for that series of lies was 400.

Stupidly enough, the CRC Pimps used that poll as if Moses had brought it down from the Mount.  Never mind that, for the most part, the actual election showed it to be fantasy as it wasn't capable of adequately measuring the depth of the hatred for loot rail.

So, in Peggy's world of self-delusion, a poll with a sampling of 400 was somehow great, while an actual election poll with a sampling of 88,000 did not equate to a majority.

Folks, that kind of reasoning requires a SPECIAL kind of stupid.

Second Lie:

That I'm a "moron."

If I were, in fact, a "moron" as Peggy is fond, apparently, of suggesting, then how is it that every time he crawls out from under his rock, I pound him like a nail?

Could a "moron" do that?  And if a "moron" could do that, where does that put Peggy on the scale?

Third lie:

That it matters if it were 25% or 25 million % of the eligible voters.

Again, this was an election.  It's very difficult to believe that first, it matters what the non-voting public thinks or second, that this sample of  37.6% of the voting public isn't anything close to representative of that population as a whole.

You can bet that the simple idiot sitting in the White House is paying attention to daily polling with a far smaller sample size then THAT.

Fourth Lie:

"And even less of the adult population of Clark County."

God only knows what this babble of his means.  Once again, the only people who matter are those who show up.  Those hating Peggy and Mikey's position on this extortion showed up.

He needs to both get over and get past it.

Fifth Lie:

That the results do not, somehow "represent that majority."

They absolutely do represent the majority.  Here's the thing, idiot-stick: this wasn't a bond or levy vote.  There was no minimum vote requirement.  The majority absolutely was represented by that vote, which is obvious to anyone save those matching Peggy's self-description.

You know...  Moron?

Sixth observation:

Peggy is obsessed by the word "moron."  But, I suppose being a moron, he naturally would be.

Those delusional enough to pimp for the CRC are, in fact, possessed of this kind of diseased thinking... they'd have to be.

They also have a great many other options, such as moving to that communist utopia of Portland.  That way they can live on... or even more attractively, UNDER the loot rail tracks.

Thanks for swinging by, Peggy.  Always look forward to blowing so many holes in your bizarre perspective that it couldn't hold a Diet Coke in without leaking all over the floor.  Pounding your idiocy like a drum keeps me tuned up.

Now... back under your rock, OK?

THERE'S a good fellow!

1 comment:

Lew Waters said...

Actually, I like this line of illiterate reasoning on the part of liberals.


If it means that the majority really isn't against CRC, as they claim, then it also means that the reelection of Leavitt and Burkman as well as Topper and McEnenry-Ogle to the city council is likewise not representative of the majority.

After all, they were elected under that exact same 38% turnout ;-)

Liberals really need to heed the old axiom, caution, place brain in gear before opening mouth ;-)