Thursday, November 21, 2013

How one democrat legislator is attacking homelessness... with a sledgehammer.

A lawmaker is bringing his brand of justice to the homeless problem, in Hawaii, with a sledgehammer. Rep. Tom Brower appears to have the typical mindset of liberals in using violence to solve a problem.

During the past two weeks, Brower was seen smashing the shopping carts homeless people use with a sledgehammer on the streets of Honolulu. Many have branded him a vigilante because of his actions.
He told CNN affiliate KITV, "I get a lot of complaints about stolen and abandoned shopping carts in Waikiki, and I was thinking as a public servant, what can I do that would be practical, and I can literally do overnight."

The state lawmaker is trying to clear the city of homeless people by targeting what meager possessions they own. A lot of them use shopping carts to transport their belongings, but now Brower has turned to violence to stop them. He uses his "sledgehammer of justice" to smash the front wheels of the carts rendering them immovable.

Most of us realize the carts aren't actually the property of the homeless, but does that justify Brower's actions? According to him, it does. Brower claims to have smashed 30 shopping carts since starting his campaign, against the homeless, in late Oct.

Brower claims, "I'm not doing anything different than doing a community cleanup, or what the city's administration has tried to do with the issue of people illegally camping on the streets, I'm just doing it quicker."


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