Thursday, November 21, 2013

One thing all of the CRC Pimps have in common? Arrogance, disdain and utter contempt for those wise enough to oppose the Scam.

It's understandable, after a fashion.

They lied for so long that it appears they can't help it.  And, since the massive opposition to the CRC Scam has been ignored, attacked and marginalized for the better part of a decade, I suppose the scum supporting this with their lies, half-truths and exaggerations have just been used to having it all their own way for so long that inconvenient truths like the county-wide opposition to their extortion simply has no impact on what's left of their thought processes.

The overwhelming opposition to the Scam was made clear in an undeniable (Well, undeniable to anyone not a CRC Pimp) way in the last election, where a grand total of 5 out of Clark County's 228 precincts appear to have any support for the Pimp's loot rail scam.

That's been noticed by even the most moronic Oregon "go it alone" skank.  But it hasn't been noticed by the CRC Scum infesting us on this side of the river.

For the latest example, check out their whining and sniveling in the comments under this article in the democratian; those supporting this rip off all have arrogance, disdain, false positions and utter contempt for opponents and the will of the people as expressed at the polls as their thread of commonality.

There are a variety of law suits aimed at this idiocy.  That was inevitable given the rampant lawlessness the CRC Pimps have shown in this process.

Getting their collective asses kicked at the polls simply isn't enough.  Suits will hold this up at least another decade, even assuming the Oregon toll fetish is ever accepted by our legislature.

But all that's neither here nor there:   The CRC Pimps, both of the downtown mafia/Identity Vancouver/Chamber of Horrors/CRUDEC variety and the freelancing ignorants like the CRC Pimps shooting off their mouths with their fantasies at the conclusion of this article never look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves:

Is repeating the same lies, over and over again while treating those who would pay for this rank stupidity like they're morons... are these Pimps working FOR the CRC Scam?  Or against it?

I believe the answer is clear.  The leftist and unions hacks showing their utter stupidity are not helping their side of this equation.

No matter.  Because frankly, their side no longer matters.  We've made that clear.

And if they don't like it, that's just es tut mir leid.  And in time, they'll get over it.

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