Thursday, November 21, 2013

Democrats in the Senate show local brand of hypocrisy at the national level

Back in the day when the GOP had control over the U.S. Senate, the then minority Democrats whined, bitched and moaned about keeping the super-majority requirement.

But that was then and this is now.  And now the situational ethics of the left comes to the fore once again.

I believe this to be problematic for them, given the growing unpopularity with the Administration generally and Democrats specifically.  It illustrates the kind of situational ethics best put on display by our local Democrats and their party organ known as the Columbian, wherein they want the rules to apply to everyone else but not themselves.

Here’s what the majority scumbag had had to say about this very subject eight years or so ago…  Source from

May 18, ’05 8:00 AM
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Remarks as prepared for delivery:
America does not work the way the radical right-wing dictates to President Bush and the Republican Senate Leaders.  And Mr. President, that is not how the United States Senate works either.
For 200 years, we’ve had the right to extended debate.  It’s not some “procedural gimmick.”
It’s within the vision of the Founding Fathers of our country.  They established a government so that no one person – and no single party – could have total control.
Some in this Chamber want to throw out 217 years of Senate history in the quest for absolute power.
They want to do away with Mr. Smith coming to Washington.
They want to do away with the filibuster.
They think they are wiser than our Founding Fathers.
I doubt that’s true.

Odd isn’t it?  How short their memories can be…  When they find themselves in the majority.

And you can bet, dear reader, that when they find themselves in the minority, they will bitch and moan and whine and snivel like cut cats, not unlike the moron running the Columbian, over the fact that their voices in our government will, by their own legislative fiat, effectively have been shut out.

Those on the left to believe that this is going to be a great idea may not think it to be so great when the situation is reversed.

While not a McConnell fan by any stretch the imagination, he may have accidentally stumbled on getting it right when he responded by saying, “We are not interested in having a gun put to our head any longer.  Some of us have been around here long enough to know that the shoe is sometimes on the other foot.  You may regret this a lot sooner than you think.”

But it’s not terribly surprising.  Here locally, the level of hypocrisy and hyperbole reaches new heights every day, when leftist thugs generally and Democrats particularly are allowed to run roughshod over our local County commission.  Why they are allowed to do that, when the conservatives control that board, is simply beyond me.  But the left is upset with the conservative control of the County commission is of no concern.  Their entire reason for being is to be upset and to ignore those or attacked those who actually are wise enough to oppose their leftist agenda.

When it comes to this instant matter, I’m not entirely sure why the GOP in fact did not filibuster the rule change.  They were in a position to do that, and they’re in a position to shut down government until the rule is changed back.  S o all the Sturm and Drang notwithstanding, will McConnell have the balls to do what has to be done?

I’m not holding my breath.  So now, because of McConnell in the GOP Senate, Obama and his leftist cronies are going to load up the judiciary with Communists and fringe left nut jobs that shouldn’t even be allowed out without a keeper let alone be given judge’s robes or the authority that may go with that.

The only thing that surprises me is that it took them this long to run roughshod over the rules when it suited them.  I would’ve thought they would have done it long ago.  I guess their heroic president’s ability to ignore the law whenever it suits him, emboldened them to the point where they felt, what the hell… why not?

Hopefully they’ll soon find out “why not.”

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jack buckmeir said...

the scumbags are just trying to distract america from the train wreck of obozocare -