Thursday, November 07, 2013

Lefty Lou's anti-Madore jihad continues: No mention of Brancaccio's/Downtown Mafia's crushing defeat.

Did the newspaper mention the depths of Lefty's crushing defeat?

Did they mention that 100% of all precincts outside the city limits opposed Brancaccio's positions on loot rail, BRT and their bizarre effort at a protest vote on the transportation issues?  In fact, have they mentioned that abysmal failure at all?


Wonder why?

Clearly the opposition to Brancaccio's idiocy on the CRC crosses all ages, parties and financial demographics... so, why the silence on that from Leftist?

The votes that mattered last Tuesday here across the county were not the ones for the kapos at the Gulag of Vancouver.

The votes that mattered were the essentially-unmentioned destruction of Lefty Lou's/the Downtown Mafia's precious CRC/Loot Rail scam.

I mention that in response to Lefty's bizarre "poll," set up to again make David Madore look like he's been crippled by this outcome... where the increasingly small percentages separating the candidates of sanity and the scum firm of Leave-it, Burkman, Topper, and M-O, et all, should have crushed their opposition.  And face it, Brancaccio's anti-Madore jihad riffs are more reminiscent of an 80% loss by Madore-supported candidates than a tightening, 5% difference)  considering Lefty's side had massive special-interest money and the slavish, wearing-out-the-knee-pads support of this cancerous wart on a pig's knuckle embarrassment to journalism.  (Odd that Lefty isn't talking about his fellow scum's monetary advantages... Wonder why that is?)
Even though he didn't run it looks like Commissioner David Madore took a big hit in the way he's running the county. (71.05% - 162 votes)
Not so fast my friend. Madore has his heart in the right place. (23.25% - 53 votes)
I haven't had this much fun on an election night since Al Gore beat George Bush. Oh wait! (5.70% - 13 votes) Total Votes: 228 Latest polls
Of course, there's no mention of the utter nuclear holocaust that Lefty and his fellow CRC Scum suffered.

And I get why he doesn't mention it... why he's too psychotic to address the reality of the implications of the destruction of his decade long lies.

First of all, it's embarrassing to Brancaccio, personally, to have his signature issue completely repudiated by the people of this county; destruction far beyond any damage Madore may have sustained politically:  His impotence extends beyond the conceptual bed.

Secondly, to tell the truth about getting his sack crushed last Tuesday would eradicate his current scam of trying to get anyone but his fellow fringe-leftists to believe that Madore, who, had this been an actual election, would have won in 90% of all precincts... and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ALL PRECINCTS IN HIS COMMISSIONER DISTRICT... well, considering ALL the results of last Tuesday instead of deliberately excluding those he doesn't like?

Folks, the election outcomes in Vancouver were not unusual in the least.  Those same idiots have, after all, re-elected the biggest, most arrogant scumbag in the House... and if they're idiotic enough to do THAT, then the more surprising issue isn't that the forces of sanity are losing... but by how narrow the margin is.

And, of course, that simple idiot considers to drop barrels of ink on his own feet by doing all he can to alienate the many thousands who voted in Vancouver and across the county to repudiate Lefty's meme.

It's likely those ahead now will stay ahead.  But just barely in an asylum that's been run by the patients for years.

Given Lefty's multiple fringe-left, narcissistic bents, I suppose this kind of playground bullshit is to be expected.

But to suggest, as that moron has repeatedly suggested, that Madore has been, in any way, harmed by the election of last Tuesday is to ignore the heat in your office while the building is burning down.

It is, in fact, the same attitudes that resulted in the democratian's bankruptcy... showing that, once again, Lefty's efforts to deny the totality of reality in the past have taught him nothing about the present.

The drivel emanating from Lefty's keyboard is like that of a never-ending fart: it makes Lefty feel better but all it does, in reality, is stink up the joint.  It's the neo-communist, never-ending campaign that will make the democratian the PR arm of the democrats in the next election because you can bet that they will try and make the effort to tie any Republican in the region locked in a competitive battle to Madore as if David was some sort of political leper, as Lou continues on in his completely failed efforts to neuter Davide Madore.

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