Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Chris Christie? I think not.

So, Christie became the anointed GOP candidate to run against the anointed dem candidate for president.

Will he be The One?

Maybe.  But not with my help or support.

It's the curse of so-called "pragmatic politics."

RINO's generally demand that those of us who are conservative must move in their direction politically... that is, move to the left.

I understand pragmatism as much as the next guy.  But I've long since abandoned the letter after the name as a reason... or THE vote for or against someone today.

Locally, the biggest example was the race for governor: RINO Rob McKenna supported almost every issue important to me locally that Outslee was shilling.

Both of them support the entirety of the loot rail CRC Scam.  Both support the Casino Scam.  Both were in lock step on the social issues and the gas tax/ Transpo scam.

So why vote for either of them?

From my perspective, all too often once a RINO starts that hard-left turn, they never stop moving in that direction... just like McKenna, who went from being +10 to losing to a guy with the IQ of a stump.

It's likely I may never find a presidential candidate to vote for again.  If that's the case, I'll live with it.

But Christie doesn't have a record of doing or standing for things important to me.

He's unconcerned about me... I'm unconcerned about him.

And if he wins (Which I doubt... after all, why vote for the fake dem when you can vote for the real thing?)... it won't be with me voting for him.

The fact that he slaps unions around is amusing... and they deserve it... but it's not nearly enough to get me past the BJ he gave Obama after the hurricane hit... among other things.

There it is.

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