Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leftist Lou's psychotic Madore Derrangement Syndrome.

Another week, another Brancaccio-Madore rant.

Incapable of taking his own advice ("Don't do stupid stuff?" Said the "Liar of the CRC Scam") we're seeing what I was sure we would see: the ongoing but futile effort of Lefty to campaign for the leftist who will, no doubt, lose while running against Madore in 16... while tying anyone in a competative race who oppose(d) his CRC Scam to Madore in an effort to tarnish them.

There's a great many ways to address that, but it takes some guts and the ability to out-mud these scum.  That the effort is so transparent makes it much easier to prepare for.  But preparation and execution are going to mean bruised knuckles and painful wounds.

We already know what these leftist scum are going to do.  The question is this:  are those running going to have the guts to go negative and define them before they find themselves defined BY them?

It wasn't that long ago, sources tell me, that Lefty's job was teetering on the brink because he, well, treated people like crap.  The owner of the democratian had had enough of his lack of people skills that has so frequently bled over into his column.

So Scott Campbell, owner of this journalistic den of inequity where truth and fairness are such total strangers, ordered Lefty to make what amounted to an "apology tour" to all the present... AND former staffers that he had managed so brilliantly to treat like... well... shit.

It was, I'm assured, a condition of his continued employment.

Now, I really can't describe in detail the Don Benton/Scott Campbell relationship beyond a certain resentment of the history of the rag's hatred of Benton.  I am told that this nonsense is an outcome of that.  Certainly, that Campbell is allowing Lefty to waste his paper and ink with his anti-Madore jihad is absolutely a symptom of that relationship.

This stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum, so there's no chance that Lefty is hacking at Madore like this without approval from the very top.  Otherwise, Lefty's efforts to interfere in this county's government while babbling like the democrats were sending him a check every time he got behind a keyboard.

Besides the even more incessant lies from the democratian on such a wide variety of subjects negatively impacting our community... like the tax dollar sucking Pollard Hilton, their efforts to assist the Vancouver Soviet into suing it's own people into keeping them from voting on a wide variety of issues, from the rip off of taxpayer subsidized downtown redevelopment to the issue of loot rail... to the hypocrisy of the ballpark scam... to the years long lies, arrogance and attacks over the CRC Scam... we now have this garbage to contend with: the year's long campaign against David Madore and the fact this moron, Lefty, seemingly finds himself incapable of taking his own advice.

"Don't do stupid stuff."

Yeah... our country is falling down around our ears, and what can Lefty do?

Why he can snivel and bitch and moan about something there's really nothing he can do anything about:

The conservative majority on the county commission.

It's all a matter of both priorities... and the fact that the scum destroying this country primarily have a "D" after their names... and we all know how Lefty is around his fellow fringe-leftists.

The part I'm missing is where Lefty presented one to Slimeball Stuart. 

But then, that's almost as likely as Lefty using common sense and admitting that he;'s a leftist putz, driven by hatred.

And that's not going to happen any time real soon... is it?


Lew Waters said...

Ol' lefty has let his own Madorephobia out of the bag, as we both have always known.

He and his rag created the outright lie that we saw in the election and they are not about to let up.

If Madore was a supporter of the CRC rip-off, it would be entirely different.

And that is what it is all centered around, the CRC rules the county.

And that POS excuse for a newspaper will do what they can to squash anybody who tries to shed light on the CRC.

And now, they have created another lie, that of Ed Barnes being a victim to rally and circle the wagons around.

I will not express an opinion on the threat of a lawsuit, but will present evidence shortly that Barnes is no victim.

Odd though, when it was Madore, Nelson, Wentzel, Patella and others repeatedly showing up to speak against the CRC at city council or county commission, those holding Barnes up as a "warrior" were the ones calling for cutting off the mic, silencing those who drone on and on every week about the same thing.

But Barnes doing the same exact thing, bashing Madore, Benton and Mielke nearly every week, it a hero.

Same old double standard

jack buckmeir said...

it's a good thing then that oregon tolls are unenforceable in washington state, isn't it?