Friday, November 08, 2013

Latest update on the obliteration of the CRC Scam at the ballot box.

With Tuesday’s obliteration of the pro-CRC scammer’s position, a few questions come to mind concerning past articles on the part of the Colombian… Not the least of which was their obviously bogus poll that they raised so much hell about a few months back… Effectively demanding that the legislators suddenly do a flip because they came up with a bag full of obviously bogus numbers.

Clark County has 228 precincts in it.  As of this writing, a grand total of 5 of those precincts actually support the CRC scam based on numbers at the actual polls.

Those precincts are numbers 100, 108, 110, 120, and 190.  All of these precincts are located within the city of Vancouver.

No other precinct anywhere in Clark County voted to support light rail.  This is the most crushing political defeat I’ve ever seen on any issue within the confines of Clark County electoral history.…  The worst defeat since Madore took out Boldt.

The newspaper has spent barely any time, effort, or energy reporting any of this.  In fact, if had not gone to the trouble to look it up, there’s no way that I would’ve been aware of the massive destruction of the CRC scammer’s position.

This is noticeable for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that the only democrat to crawl out from underneath his rock to make some noise about running here locally is Mikey Briggs in the 18th district.  No one has more of a CRC scamming record than Mikey does.  I will be beating him to political death with his overt history of CRC support, his fringe-left arrogance, and his absurdities left all over the Internet… Not unlike crumbs in a Hansel and Gretel story.

Ultimately, when I initially checked the precinct breakout for the light rail vote, I discovered that, at that time, seven precincts had voted against light rail, although some of those votes were close.

Today’s review indicated a slight shift to the common sense side.  The number of precincts supporting loot rail had been reduced from seven down to five.  Again, all five of those precincts relocated in the hellhole known as the Vancouver Soviet.

That means, for aficionados, that 223 precincts in Clark County voted against the democratian’s position, the downtown Mafia’s position, identity Vancouver’s position, the Chamber of Horrors position, and the various other special interests such as our local newspaper, who have done all they can over the last decade to ram this garbage down our throats.

It would be easiest for me to say that it’s anybody’s guess as to why the newspaper is continually ignoring this aspect of the election.  Leftist Lou, was positively giddy over the outcome in the Vancouver City Council elections, doing his level best to somehow extend the impact of those elections to far beyond the boundaries of that city.

That was sheer, unadulterated horse shit of course.  Leftist knows that; in fact, the entirety of the population of this County knows it, but he’ll never admit it.

So here we are.  Three days after the election… And is difficult to draw any other conclusion but those provided by the polls: the people of this County, in overwhelming numbers, do not want the Leftist’s light rail.

At some point, those who have been attempting to delude themselves into believing that the people of this County actually did want light rail, are now going to have to acknowledge that they were flat wrong. 

At some point, the slimeball running the newspaper, is going to have to admit that all these years, he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

And more importantly, he’s going to have to admit that I personally have been dead right, while he personally has been dead wrong.

Even within the confines of the Vancouver Soviet and the Communist district of the 49th.  The people who actually live there have made their positions clear in overwhelming numbers.  Commissar Molehill, of course, doesn’t care.  The good little sheep within the confines of the 49th will continue to vote for that moron, no matter how much he abuses them;  what they want, or what they think.  Because they’ll stupidly vote for him again next year, and he knows that.

“When you play stupid games… You get stupid prizes.”

For the rest of us, the choices are clear: the vast majority of Clark County will continue to oppose the CRC scam, the loot rail scam, the tolls, and the taxes… all of the things that the downtown special interests want to enslave us to for the next four decades plus will now suddenly come under a great deal more scrutiny.  Now the Paul Montague’s and Kelly Parkers that it been infesting us with their lies, exaggerations, and their ignorance of what’s actually been going on as they just tal talk off their leftists talking points… Will look even more idiotic if they continue along those lines than they did before this election.  It’s been my position all along that the aspect of the election that the democratian has been attempting to downplay the most… Has been by far the most important.

It’s been my position all along, that the advisory votes the democratian have been attempting to sabotage, are by far the most important elements of this last election.

Ultimately, in the city of Vancouver, those clowns who were elected this time likely would’ve been elected anyway.  I  tend to look at the state representatives that they send up to the legislature every election… Total leftist idiots, and since they insist on sending slime like that up to Olympia in the best of conditions, what makes anyone think that they would do any different now?  We are, after all, talking about the Communist 49th.

Some, like Mikey, harbor illusions that they can start some sort of a RINO tide and sweep Republicans out of office.  But here’s the fact of the matter: when it comes right down to it.  Those who done the most to keep the CRC from ever seeing the light of day are the ones who are going to be elected to office, the longest.

This crushing defeat of the CRC scam crosses all demographics; all ages, educational and financial levels, and both genders overwhelmingly rejected this rip off.

 And that means you’re the odd man out Mikey.

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