Saturday, November 09, 2013

Another Saturday, another manure load from Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

(A special shout out to the scumbag formerly known as "John Laird."  Looks like us cockroaches figured out a way to vote... and we squished your loot rail scam like a bug.  It's almost a shame you're gone, because watching you squirm here would have been amazing entertainment.)

Every day that goes by results in yet another day that Lefty Lou Brancaccio becomes increasingly pathetic.

This weekend, which would have been a dandy time for that scumbag to...

1.  Acknowledge how wrong he's been on the issue of the people's support (Or lack thereof) on his favorite loot rail scam.

2.  Apologize for the decade-long attack and belittlement of those of us who tried to tell that blithering idiot what's going on out here.

3.  Acknowledge that he's completely out of touch with the population of this county that extends beyond the 6 block radius of that crap house he works in: in short, there's a great deal more to the universe of Clark County than the tiny cocoon he chooses to live in.

4.  Warn that lying scumbag he worked for in the last election like there was money exchanging hands that, as mayor, there is a price to pay for being just that: a lying scumbag.

....instead, we get another swing at Madore with Lefty's wiffle bat.

His well known lack of integrity aside, he's missed another golden opportunity here... both to address the utter destruction of his dream of jamming his project up our collective butts... and to begin the process, perhaps, to reflect the will of this community... which would have had a positive impact on the rag's shrinking bottom line... no thanks to him.

No... instead, he takes another opportunity to try and backhand David Madore.  His butt-buddy, Jim Mains, a small part of the Downtown Mafia Amen Choir had to wear out a set of kneepads over Lefty's idiocy... but that's to be expected, since Madore's campaign center-punched Mains' abysmal efforts to drag fellow leftist Marc Boldt over the finish line... losing by thousands of votes to that same David Madore.

Imagine: all of the issues he could have discussed, and he choses to indulge in his "I-hate-Madore" fetish.

I expect that in a relatively short time, the M&;M Campaign is going to take off... just not quite the way this simple idiot believes.  Lefty is going to get ALL the credit as that, too, blows up in his face.

It does my heart good, however, to know that even with Lefty's documented lack of courage, every day he wakes up is another day he can hate his life and hate David Madore as the man most responsible for making Lefty completely irrelevant when it comes to moving people's opinions.

He destroyed you at the polls, Lefty.  He CRUSHED you in ways that make me cringe.  This vote proved what those who don't have their heads buried up the downtown mafia's ass have known for years.

I tried to tell you the same way I tried to tell Marc.  neither of you have listened; both of you have, and will, suffer the consequences of your arrogance.

MADORE did that, Leftist.  He did it to YOU: and now your bleating makes you look like a clown... a sad, lonely, clown.

The numbers in the last election were abysmal for Lefty.  Oh, while he sounded like the stallion in the stall next to the one where they're keeping the mare in heat the day after the election: nothing he wrote made any difference and, like his moronic loot rail position, had zero accuracy in relating the reality of Madore's political situation.

But here's the facts: had Lefty and that ilk reviewed THIS election the same way they did the last one while applying the same "Madore bought it criteria?"  it would have been completely different assessment.

So, remember that, kids: in the last election, Madore won because he had all the money.

In THIS election, the slate of pro-CRC scum who won (and who, correspondingly, had all the money) did so because the entire planet (As opposed to the sheep of central/downtown Vancouver) had, you guessed it, all the money.  But that didn't make any difference.  Because it only DOES make all the difference when they want it to.

That takes a special kind of self-delusion.  Its the kind I like because, well, it gives me so much more to work with.

Situational ethics doesn't work well with me.  Lefty's jihad against Madore and only Madore when he's in such a target rich environment... particularly considering the slime he's got to work with downtown? 

Well, Lefty... every column just shows how much it sucks to be you... you bitter, little, pathetic man.

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