Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Slimeball Rice and the democratian appointed to Leave-it/Burkman campaign.

When you’re stuck with the daily newspaper patterned after the Pravda Izvestia and long since past even the pretense of fairness or objectivity, one can suppose that this sort of thing is inevitable.

The side of the people, otherwise known as those opposed to the CRC scam, are finally fighting back.  So, what does our local cancer on our community do?  They begin to write about it as if they were being paid by the word from the pro-CRC scammers.  In its most recent egregious violation of the conduct’s and standards of a newspaper, the rag spewed out the following article

Vancouver Vitality target of complaint

Official for county Democrats files allegation with PDC

it’s the usual partisan garbage, and likely utterly worthless, however, it casts those opposing the CRC/democratian agenda in a bad light.  So therefore the democratian’s residence slimeball crack reporter, Stephanie Rice, has no problem whatsoever writing this kind of garbage.

Whenever there’s any reporting about anyone opposed to the CRC scam/democratian agenda, it’s always placed in the most negative light possible, as if this allegedly unbiased source of a newspaper, was actually being paid by the left.

Other lies by Rice over Vitality include:

1 day ago ... Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman responded last week to the television ad that was paid for by Vancouver Vitality, the conservative ... ...vitalitys...

Oct 10, 2013 ... A campaign flier by Vancouver Vitality implies that if you support the Columbia River Crossing, then if your house burns down it is nobody's fault ...

This kind of disgraceful, so–called journalism, is what we come to expect from the rag of shame.  Both the tone and the tenor of these articles are simultaneously defensive on the part of the attacked candidates who are entirely in the pocket of the democratian, as well as attacking of anyone even perceived to oppose their idiocy.

Were the shoe on the other foot, and the targets of these sorts of ads the individuals opposed to the CRC scam, or just Republicans in general, you wouldn’t be hearing a peep from this despicable waste of wood pulp.

There is no lie they won’t use.  There is no exaggeration they won’t trumpet.  There’s no twisting of the facts beyond them.  When it comes to their agenda, there is no more disgraceful publication since the Völkischer Beobachter ("Völkisch Observer", figuratively "National Observer") the newspaper of the Nazi Party in Germany.

Their attitude, methods and goals are strikingly similar.  And they are to be despised for it.  And were it in my power, I would do all I could to put this stain on journalism out of business and to defeat first, every candidate they support in any competitive race, and second, to put them out of business altogether.

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