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Ron Onslow is feelin' it. (Updated)

First, that a low-life like Mike Briggs supports Onslow would be reason enough to oppose him, given that Briggs himself has no integrity and has been a butt-boy for the CRC Scam from the beginning.

That said, Onslow sold out the people of not only Ridgefield but the entirety of SW Washington when he voted to enable the unconstitutional act of allowing full control of eminent domain to go to TriMet without a hearing or public review.

Nothing that he's written here excuses that, and he's still not fit to be elected dog-catcher.
There seems to be much confusion regarding a vote that I made as representative of the C-Tran board.
A little history:  Jim Irish, mayor of LaCenter, is our usual representative on the C-Tran board. I am the alternate. We always communicate before a meeting. Both Ridgefield and LaCenter Councils have voted to support the RTC (regional transportation commission) agenda.

Simply put, THE VOTE in question was:

IF the bridge is built, and
IF light rail is built, then

WHO would do the O & M (operations & maintenance) in Clark County?

I voted yes, for C-Tran to do that job. That yes vote was one of the majority votes. A choice that was turned down was for Tri-Met to run the O&M (because of state line issues). Other choices were 1) Vancouver, 2)a newly created government agency, or 3) do nothing.

The flyer opposing my vote says I voted “because of special interests”. I would like to reply that MY ONLY Special Interests are Ridgefield.  When I meet with potential companies looking at locating in Ridgefield, one of the concerns is that of transportation in the I-5 corridor and the interstate bridge.
My focus is Ridgefield, but we are part and parcel of Clark County as a whole. Example: We received funding for our new overpass and roundabouts because of our work and that of the RTC. The RTC works for the county and its cities as a whole.

I truly love Ridgefield and its citizens. I act on behalf of our city council which is comprised of wonderful, giving individuals. I support those presently running for council that are on the council: Don Stose, John Main and Sandra Day. I also ask that you vote for me. Please vote, it’s a terrific right.

Ron Onslow, Mayor, City of Ridgefield

Of course, the correct choice was "3) do nothing."

It's difficult to believe that Onslow is so ignorant that he actually believes this rip off would have any positive impact on congestion or freight mobility; and I believe he's flat out lying over what some unnamed "potential companies" (and what does the phrase "potential company" mean, anyway?  Does that mean they won't exist unless this moronic project goes through?) may have asked.

I, personally, could care less if he was subbing for CRC Buttboy Jim Irish: that's irrelevant.  Further, stupidity from a city council doesn't replace his individual judgement, which was to screw the people of his city, this county and this region of the state.

His vote was the deciding vote.  He could have gone the other way and delayed this until after the people voted... or delayed it until we at least had the ability to review the contract.

But noooooooo.... why wait, when you can screw the people right now?

Onslow should not only not be re-elected as Mayor, he shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

I urge those who can to vote for Tim Wilson.  He will fight to present the view of the people, and not the view of the CRC Scammers.

UPDATE:  David Madore nails Onslow's effort to scam out of his vote:

David Madore Debbie Nelson, thank you for posting Ron Onslow letter. I had not seen it before. He is the first to say why he voted for TriMet.

Allow me to refute it:

Point 1: 
Onslow violated the standing RTC policy that was adopted as a condition of approval of the CRC Locally Preferred Alternative. See the following policy on page 56 of the LPA that shows the RTC resolution that says “Any means chosen to finance operations of the HCT component of the CRC project shall be submitted to impacted C-TRAN voters for approval.”

Point 2:
Both Jim Irish and Ron Onslow are not to represent themselves. They are to represent the citizens of their cities. The majority of the citizens in both cities rejected light rail funding in the 2012 General Election. Proposition One was “to fund the C-TRAN share of the maintenance and operations costs only of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension between Expo Center and Clark Park & Ride and the local capital share and operations and maintenance costs of the Fourth Plain Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit project.” – page 11 of the voter pamphlet:

Key word definitions:
Commitment: an agreement to do (or not to do) something in the future, an assurance of a future action, to give one’s word to fulfill a future obligation

Betray: to abandon a commitment, to forsake a promise, to prove faithless in obligations, to prove untrustworthy, to abandon an assurance

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