Thursday, October 24, 2013

Memo to the ODOT director Matthew Garrett: when lying liars lie.

With a decade-long trail of lies, exaggeration, a complete lack of transparency, and a total disregard for public input by CRC policy, one wonders: how many more lies can these clowns come up with?

One of the longer-lasting lies was the so-called September 30 deadline.  We were bombarded by utter nonsense by the pro-CRC scammers, who insisted on lying to us about the impacts of failing to secure federal dollars by September 30.  Had they been telling the truth, then this project would of been buried for over a month and we wouldn’t even be talking about it.  So once again, they’ve lied to us.  And now to get a keep on lying, until they get what they want...  No matter what we want.

Of course at this point, the federal money for this project is long since been distributed.  In short, there is no federal money.

So when another one of these morons comes along, and Garrett, I’m talking to you; and tells us, “Oregon must act now to keep CRC on track,” that has all the credibility of Barack Obama raping us with Obamacare: and how’s that working out for them?

In case Garrett and the rest of the morons schilling this scam haven’t noticed, this project is not on track.  It’s essentially been off track… ever since Tim Probst lost in the last election.  That tells me the Garrett isn’t paying attention.

Garrett’ s babble has several problems with it; not the least of which is that as democrat Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney has already stated, there will be no special session.  So when Garrett finally gets that memo will his head explode? 

I might remind Garrett that he is not capable of forcing the Senate to do anything, in either Oregon or Washington.  The problems that he has with trying to force this hand, include two major issues: first and foremost, the people of Clark County do not want this ripoff scam.  Secondary to that, the state Senate of Washington will never support this and I know damned well will do whatever it takes to stop this scam.

We’re not only a nation of laws, we’re a state of laws, and the idea that some clowns can get together and get’s snockard and come up with a plan to ram this crap down our throats does not mean it’s ever going to see the light of day.

No state wants to be dictated to by any other state.  You can bet that if Washington was attempting to ram a third bridge down Oregon’s throat they’d be bitching like cut cats.  There’s been no effort to compromise on Oregon side, or that any other CRC scammer side.  And until an effort to compromise, realistic compromise, which includes raising the bridge height and stripping light rail off of it, is put on the table… Then this scam is D.O.A.

Soon, the people of Clark County will go to the one indisputable poll of all polls that are available: the voting box.  No action of any kind needs to be taken until after the people of Clark County of spoken.  And if we reject this… as I expect that we will reject this massive theft and extortion of billions of dollars and 40 years of yoking the people to Oregon’s fetish for light rail… Then that is what they will have to do.

And no amount of kicking this dead horse, particularly by a bureaucrat like the ODOT director, is going whip it back in to life.


adidimus said...

I want you to add the Oregonian and Gov Kitzhaber to your mailing list. They are either liars themselves or useful idiots. Take your pick.

Tom Maddocks
Portland, Oregon

adidimus said...

You should mail this blog to The Oregonian and to Gov. Kitzhaber. Both are also liars or useful idiots or both. Take your pick.

Tom Maddocks
Portland, Oregon