Saturday, October 05, 2013

Lefty Lou Brancaccio's David Madore obsession.

It takes a special kind of hatred... a psychotic kind of hatred if you will... to waste so much time, effort, and energy to go after someone that you cannot touch. Lefty Lou Brancaccio is infested with it.

His most recent column of idiocy, wherein he attempts to make some sort of comparison between the completely legal hiring of Don Benton as the environmental services director, and the completely illegal actions of the C Tran executive board, is a just another case in point.

He's not only comparing apples to oranges; he's comparing fruit to bugs. There is no comparison. He wants there to be one, because that fits in his psychotic world. But there isn't any.

Lefty Lou's hypocrisy is the stuff of legends. In this particular instance there is absolutely no comparison between Madore's protest against the C Tran rape of our community and that completely legal hiring of Don Benton to this position. But when you're psychotic, and Lefty Lou is anything including that, it's very difficult to let it go. In fact you can bet that one of two things is going to happen here: at some point Brancaccio will be fired, or David Madore will retire from office, but one of those two things is going to happen before we stop hearing about this nonsense.

For Brancaccio to remotely suggest in the face of his own columns that someone else "don't do stupid stuff" is the height of both the absurdity of his own actions and that of the CTran board  as well.

What CTran, the CRC Scammers and the downtown mafia scum propose to do will harshly and negatively impact this community for decades to come. What Madore and Mielke did in hiring Benton will not impact this community in any negative sense and the fact of the matter is it certainly will not cost us the billions the Brancaccio's pet project will ultimately rip out of our wallets.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Lefty Lou requires psychiatric help. One of the reasons his impact is so small now in this community is because of his constant lies, exaggerations, and now his Madore fetish.

Follow your advice Lefty? Step away from the bong before you type, moron.

How can someone who has done such a great job of leading their newspaper into bankruptcy, provide advice for anyone else?

As this blog closes in on approximately 5000 posts, the question is exactly how many of those are related specifically to the stupid stuff the Lefty Lou's done over the years since I started writing this?  Certainly, the number is in the hundreds...

Lefty Lou needs to clean up his own act before he presumes to take over somebody elses.

Lefty Lou, up to this point a rabid CTran/CRC Scammer, takes a subtle swipe at the CTran board for scamming us over the $2 million issue in his column.

But does he in any way suggest they stop doing this project?  Or because of this sort of thing, he can no longer support this rip off?

Of course not. How many times has he told us that as screwed up as this project is, we still need to go forward with it?

And that, in large part, is what makes his words so meaningless. Hypocrisy aside, and it is ripe with hypocrisy, even when these people screw up, it doesn't make any difference to Lefty Lou.

He never demands that anyone be held accountable.  In fact, if he put as much energy into holding the Scammers accountable as he does tilting at the Madore windmill, imagine how much better this project might be.

But Lefty issn't interested in any of that.  After all, the thieves working this scam are his friends... and it's only public money they're stealing and extorting... and who would he want to see held accountable for that?

Watch has he endorses that lying scumbag Leave-it for mayor... rewarding his for lying, exaggerating and breaking the law with his multiple ethics violations.... where's the accountability in that?

Ultimately, the biggest problem with Lou is that he talks a great game. But he doesn't play one. So here's my advice Lou: if you don't like how government's being run, then why don't you put your dumb ass out there for election and take a shot at it yourself?

Not that Lou has the guts, the know-how, or the intelligence to do this. But Lou's psychotic obsession (and it is an obsession) with David Madore based on his hatred of all things Don Benton and anti-CRC Scammer, is way over the line. I get that he's going to continue to do this as a leftist weapon to try and make sure that Madore isn't reelected... for all the good it's going to do. But what Lou doesn't understand (or, apparently care about) is that, in the overall scheme of things, the hiring of Benton to run this department which is heavily regulated, is so minor in comparison to the CRC scam that it's impact is practically non-existent.

You know, like the impact of one of Lefty's sniveling "I hate Madore" columns he comes up with every few days?  Like that?

Yet, Lou continues to compare anything and everything that Madore does, thinks or says with the Benton hiring as if the hiring itself actually mattered... when in fact, it only matters to a few fringe-left nutjobs.... like Lou.

So, it doesn't matter what Madore does... short of resigning, that sleazeball Lefty will pick it apart, criticize it, make crap up about it.  Madore could cure cancer and Brancaccio would find a way to beat him up over it.  And with a hatred like that,  what the hell difference does it make WHAT Lefty has to say?

He babbles about looking at this from the 10,000 foot level. Looking at it from the 10,000 foot level, Benton's hiring is practically nonexistent in importance compared to the CRC ripoff. Lefty takes Madore to task for what he's done (Never mind that David has done more for this community before breakfast that Brancaccio has done during the entirety of his worthless, multiple year tenure as the democratian's chief, self flagellating bully), and yet he allows Tim "the liar" Leavitt a complete pass for his illegal votes, his conflict of interest, and the fact that yes, they are trying to ram this through before the voters in Clark County go on the record as wanting to ram it up his ass and break it off.

When the votes are counted next month, imagine how idiotic Lefty is going to look with the results of the one poll lefty can't dispute or make up are actually counted.  I, for one, can't wait.

How much more despicable can you get, Lou?  And when will you take your own advice, hypocrite?

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