Monday, October 07, 2013

Of course the slime at the democratian endorsed that little worm, Leave-it.

It comes as no real surprise that the democratian would endorse Tim "the liar" Leavitt for mayor of the Taliban City of Vancouver.

This blog has been indicating, literally for years, that such would be their decision.

A candidate could be an ax murderer, as long as they endorse the democratian agendas... and they'd get the local Pravda Izvestia's endorsement.

For most, issues such as honesty, integrity, character and the like would actually play a major role in their decision as to who to support politically. Clearly, those types of character traits make no difference to the CRC scammers at the democratian.

We all know the history of Tim "the liar" Leavitt. The newspaper, naturally doesn't give a damn about this man's lack of integrity. They only care that their positions dovetail with his positions. That he is basically dishonest, and outright liar, likely a criminal when it comes to his conflict of interest folks on the sea transport, make no difference to those people who run our local cancer on the community.

This blog has literally hundreds of posts in it devoted to the lies of Tim "the liar" Leavitt. Locally, his arrogance is matched only by Jim "Molehill" Moeller. Nationally, his arrogance is matched only by his hero, the empty suited moron in the White House. Historically, his arrogance is matched only by the former fascist dictator of Italy, Mussolini.

Ever since Leavitt came out of the closet on the issue of tolls, which this blogger knew he was lying about throughout the entirety of his campaign, this newspaper has engaged in constant image rehabilitation. This endorsement is just the latest chapter in that effort.

Many of the worst political leaders in the history of the world have had with this newspaper refers to as, "vision".

From Stalin, to Hitler, to Mao, to… Well, you name it, the world's history has been replete with leaders who have with the democratian is referring to as "vision".

I admit that "the liar" has "vision". The problem has always been that the vision this slimeball has, doesn't mesh with the vision that the people of this community want.

For the past several years, the democratian has made it their policy to only endorse CRC scammers in races where the outcome is even remotely in question. No, they do not always endorse supporters of the CRC scam. But whenever the race is remotely competitive, they will in fact typically only endorse people who support the CRC ripoff.

There was never any question that the democratian would support Tim Leavitt; his lies, his arrogance, his lack of character and integrity, notwithstanding. I believe that his opponent, Bill Turley, should view it as a badge of honor that the newspaper has rejected him.  The list of those they've rejected who have been elected is both long... and distinguished. The newspaper typically rejects both winners and people who happen to put the needs and wants of the electorate ahead of the newspaper's agenda.

The filter for their endorsements naturally, includes

1.  are you a Democrat?  Leavitt arguably is that.

2. do you support the CRC scam? Leavitt arguably supports that massive ripoff.

3. do you support loot rail?  Leavitt arguably supports loot rail. After all, as the Oregon Supreme Court has pointed out, that is the entirety of the reasoning to replace our current paid for and functioning I-5 bridge.

4. Is the political race we're endorsing reasonably competitive? That's entirely possible given Leavitt's reputation as a lying scumbag.

Thus the outcome of the endorsement was preordained from the very beginning. That I wouldn't let Leavitt babysit my children or run an elevator for me makes no difference to them. As long as he supports the democratian's ripoff agenda, that he's a lying little worm makes no difference to them.

It is to our community's detriment that so many of its leaders, typically appointed by those of the special interests in a position to do so, have people like Lou Brancaccio, Tim "the liar" Leavitt, Steve "Slimeball" Stuart and their ilk; and organizations like Identity Vancouver, and the Chamber of Horrors actually in a position where they can claim to be representing the people of this community when those of us who actually live here, certainly know better.

When elected government leaders actually work for the people who elected them, it's amazing what can be accomplished when the leadership represents the will of the people.

None of these are the other organizations scamming the CRC ripoff are doing that. Few of the leadership currently elected actually give a damn what the people of this community want when it comes to this project, because they see their vision is superior to that of the little people who actually were foolish enough to elect them in the first place… Much like the people foolish enough to elect the then and now lying mayor of Vancouver.

In their effort to protect Tim Leavitt while rehabilitating his image, the newspaper blows off his campaign of lies by saying the following:
From nearly the start of his time as mayor, the CRC has been an albatross for Leavitt. He ran four years ago largely on a platform of opposing tolls on a new bridge, then quickly reversed course once in office. "The reality is I got that wrong," Leavitt said. "Those positions were too set to allow me to move forward in the project without creating some animosity."
When Brancaccio wrote this, he knew he was lying.

For the many months leading up to the election where we were unfortunate enough to gain Levitt as the Soviet's mayor, I repeatedly warned that he was lying on the issue of tolls, that he was using it as a wedge issue to separate himself from Pollard, and that he had no intention of following through.

It wasn't that the liar "got it wrong" as he put it; he was lying about it from the very beginning, and it was nothing but a political ploy. Brancaccio knows that, yet like so many others who support his agenda, he doesn't care about the lies, the deceit, the falsehoods, and the fraud.

It seems odd, in the face of the continued lack of importance of the newspaper's opinions, that Lefty Lou doesn't take a step back, review, and try to figure out why, in reality, so few people give a damn what he thinks.

In large part, the problem is that his thoughts on just about any subject are run through his "does he like you" filter. In this instance, like any other conservative, Brancaccio hates Bill Turley. He hates anyone opposed to his positions, who's in anything remotely approaching a competitive electoral race.  He hates the very idea of the people having a voice about anything where the outcome of a vote might not go his way.

That's why he's opposed the charter movement so viciously: why he supported fellow democrat Marc Boldt, why he'll try and bury anyone running against Stuart next year... and why he'll support anyone kissing his ring... which are typically his fellow leftist scum... Leave-it.

Which is why, if one goes back over the past several years, one would be hard-pressed to find an endorsement by the democratian of any candidate in any competitive race, if that person opposed their agenda, particularly on the CRC scam.

Well, that and Lefty Lou's hatred.

Naturally, none of the true "liar" characteristics of "the liar" are mentioned in the endorsement. This is in large part because Brancaccio does not allow reality or facts to interfere with his positions. Which explains why, even though he knows the CRC is nothing but a giant turd, he insists on continuing to support this massive theft of dollars from the people of this community that would go on long beyond his death.

The democratian's lack of relevancy at this point can be traced directly to Lou Brancaccio's own desk. He is a self-fulfilling prophecy, where not a day goes by that he personally does not do all that he can to damage what little credibility is left of the despicable rag that represents a wart on the butt of this community. This... is yet... another example of that.

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