Thursday, October 03, 2013

Democratian editorial blows it again

It's to be expected that a leftist newspaper, such as the one we are unfortunate enough to have in this community, would vapor-lock over the government shutdown.

Some of the fantasy that was written in the that editorial, such as Fox News referring to the shutdown as a "slim down" for example, is typical of the leftist hysteria that democratian editorials are known for.

This editorial tells us "the fact is that Obamacare passed through Congress, was signed by the president, and has been the law for more than three years."

Slavery was in place for 300+ years… Does that mean that we should just have allowed it to continue?

Yes, it has been the law for three years. While true as far as it goes, the fact remains that the American people have NEVER supported Obamacare. And while the American people oppose this program, it's Congress's duty to eliminate it. Further, with the debt ceiling looming ahead, these two issues combined to be catastrophic for the American economy.

Is this the time to draw the obvious parallel between this situation and the CRC? After all, the people of this county don't want the CRC and that doesn't stop this newspaper from doing everything they can to ram it down our throats. The pattern is obviously quite the same.

The majority of the American people hate this program, the majority of the people of Clark County hate the CRC, and the newspaper supports both of those things.

The first day of Obama care sign ups was emblematic of the entirety of the program. Servers crashed, phones went unanswered, people discovered to their horror that the prices for the healthcare they were going to receive were astronomically higher than those the president promised.

At this point in time since the democrats are in control of the White House and the Senate, it is incumbent upon the House of Representatives, otherwise known as "the people's House", to do the people's bidding.

To that end, Speaker Boehner, is doing precisely that.

Quoting polls that show a lack of faith in our government, while perhaps heartwarming to those who would use that as a cudgel against Congress, has nothing to do with the issue at hand.  These were polls from before any of this happened.  Those polls were bad enough: but what are they going to say when, in stark, undeniable terms, the people of this country come to know in an up close and personal way, how badly this extortion is going to impact them individually?

Part of that lack of faith, I believe, is because Congress continues to misread the will of the American people.  Part of the evident disgust is that the people hate what Congress is doing, and in large part, until now, Congress has done nothing to address this scam of socialist health care... what democrat Sen. Max Baucus, chief architect of the program referred to as a "train wreck." The House of Representatives has set out to fix that.

As a people, I am convinced that the American electorate is not overly stupid. There comes a time when you're hit in the head enough that when it starts to bleed, you begin to question why that board is smacking you. As the American people find out more and more and begin to pay attention to how they've been screwed by an out-of-control president, his Administration and his Senate, they will perhaps place the blame where it most properly belongs.

Unlike those behind editorial, I for one, have never been of the school of thought that when rape is inevitable, I should just relax and enjoy it. That has been the entire basis for my opposition to so many programs both locally and federally since I began this blog.

That those behind the editorial have not yet felt the sting of this program that they are fighting so hard to defend, or have not yet felt the sting of a failing economy because of ever-increasing debt ceilings and spending and taxing, does not mean that this shut down will not, ultimately, be doing the bidding of the people.

I ceased to be party-centric a long time ago. Both sides have acted foolishly in these matters, as someone far smarter than I once pointed out that "if Congress didn't want there to be a deficit, there wouldn't be a deficit."

As a result, I've long since concluded that the president is not the only one at fault when it comes to the issue of our budget deficits. Without the concurrence of Congress, we would not have these numbers. So the question becomes: does this Congress keep doing what it's doing resulting in the inevitable cataclysmic outcome?  Or is now the time to break out and try something different... something that will at least slow the train hurtling us off the fiscal cliff?

Does this Congress finally take control of this debate, and actually act in a way that ultimately is far better for the interest of the American people than the president himself who refuses to even negotiate on these issues?

Of course when the democrats are in control they want the opposition to engage in go along to get along. But that's not how the Constitution of the United States set this up. There are three co-equal branches of government. The president is not a dictator, and without a legislative branch that will at least occasionally defy his wishes, then what's the point of having a legislative branch?

The optics of the situation include such idiocy as locking down the World War II monument. Threatening to arrest World War II veterans who've flown, in some cases, across the country to attend this monument; is the very height of arrogance and stupidity. But we have a history with this president who has done everything he can to make it hurt when he doesn't get his own way.

That hasn't stopped this guy from playing golf. That hasn't stopped the weekly White House parties which take place every Wednesday. Does anyone realistically believe that this situation with Obama care and a new see our, or with the debt ceiling situation, the various wars with that the slaughter of the people in Benghazi and other slaughter stick on our can even make a dent in the sky social life?

We are supposed to be a nation of equality. We strive to achieve it, we have laws that demanded and require it.

So how is it that Congress is exempt from the very programs that they force us under penalty of law, to obey?

This isn't the first law where Congress has an exemption. For example, the so-called Black Congressional Caucus. An obviously racially based organization, subsidized with American taxpayer dollars, it wouldn't be allowed anywhere outside of Congress. We've heard about the Black Congressional Caucus for so long, that we don't even give it a second thought that it's a racially-based organization where white people are not allowed and in fact if you're the wrong party are also not allowed. So actually the name should be changed to the Democratic black Congressional Caucus.

But they'd never do that would they?

If Obamacare were such a great program, then how is it that all of the members of Congress and their staffs are not lining up to become as much a part of it is the law requires all of us to become?

And that's the fly in this particular ointment. Everybody and their brother who is anybody got an exemption for at least a year. The rest of us who are nobodies, well we weren't so lucky.

Oddly, the editorial in today's democratian, doesn't appear to have any of this information in it.

Why is that?

When you're the newspaper of something less than fact, something less than truth, something less than morality, then leaving out these facts, well… That's just another day at the office.

(Partially dictated by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, in anticipation of my one-handed blogging days.)

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